Invincible is ending!


While initially being a much bigger success, of late the ongoing superhero series Invincible, published by Skybound/Image has been a bit of a poor cousin compared to The Walking Dead. But it’s finest hour may be ahead of it, as it is coming to a deliberate end. Co-creator and publisher Robert Kirkman writes,
My greatest hope in life is to one day, when I’m much older, be reading an INVINCIBLE comic book by younger creators I haven’t met, who are doing a book that I hate.
I’ve been asked many times over the thirteen years of writing INVINCIBLE how long I think this book will go. Some form of that statement has always been my answer. I always thought it would be a great honor to see Invincible rise to the level of Superman or Spider-Man in the pantheon of comic book superheroes. Characters who far outlived their original stories and eventually transformed into story engines that sort of tell the same story (to a certain extent) in perpetuity for generation after generation.
It wasn’t until recently that I realized that goes against everything INVINCIBLE, as a series, has stood for since the very beginning. When Cory Walker and I created him, and with Ryan Ottley, since he joined the team with issue 8, the point of this series has always been to celebrate what we love about superhero comics, but always put our own spin on it. To play with the tropes of the genre, but twist them into something new, at all times, no matter what.
That is why villains sometimes win, and heroes give up… and eventually stop being heroes altogether… and change happens, and sticks, and characters die, and never come back… no matter how popular they are (we maybe should have kept Conquest alive).
So then, it stands to reason, that if most superhero comics continue forever with no end in sight and over their runs do not, in any way, tell a cohesive story that holds together to form a singular narrative… shouldn’t INVINCIBLE do the exact opposite?
It’s been many years now that Ryan Ottley and myself, with occasional help from co-creator Cory Walker (issue 130 in stores soon!) have been chronicling the adventures of Mark Grayson and the many characters that orbit his life. As I began plotting out the issues that lay ahead of us over this next year, I started to realize I was reaching a… conclusion. The big Viltrumite epic, which began with Nolan Grayson going to Earth and fathering Mark, and kicked off with their confrontation all those years ago in issue 11… was coming to an end. Everything was converging in this one story, and looking back, I realized I’d been working toward this the whole time. In talking it over with Ryan I learned, much to my surprise, that the idea of drawing something other than INVINCIBLE someday… and not being stuck in this monthly grind we’ve been in for well over a decade… appealed to him. So it was clear, I was writing to a conclusion and Ryan was also drawing to one.
So that led to the question of what comes next?
I briefly considered bringing on another team, starting that eventual march to that book I’d read in my old age and throw across the room saying, “This isn’t INVINCIBLE!” And while I did consider some really cool options that would have led to some really cool issues of INVINCIBLE… more and more as I thought about it, I realized ending the series was the right thing to do.
So that’s what we’re doing! Issue 144, the conclusion of the 12-part epic THE END OF ALL THINGS, will be the final issue of Invincible. I’m sure when it’s all said and done, I’ll be sad, and I know I will miss these characters, but for the time being, I’m excited. Ryan will be coming back to the book with issue 133 in November, and we’re going to hit the ground running. We’ve got a wild ride in store for the fans where we’re going to touch every corner of the Invincible Universe, and in the end, tie things up in a really cool and unexpected way.
So we’ve got a little over a year to go, and it’s going to be one hell of a year! So please join us for our swan song, thirteen years in the making! We couldn’t have done it without you, the fans, so let’s all cross the finish line together!
Robert Kirkman
Backwoods, CA

Damn, mixed emotions. It is one of my favorite comics and has been for a long time now. I hate to see it end, but I am glad I won't have to see someone else ruin it or make Mark into a Hydra agent or something else equally stupid.

Go out on a high note is the best we can hope for so it will be bittersweet, but I think it's the correct thing to do.

Devastated. I totally get what he's saying, and I agree with him....but damn....

This is my favorite comic....hell, favorite story ever. Gonna be weird not having these characters in my life every month. Phone Post 3.0

We will need a Geek Ground support group for this I think.

BigWilliam - We will need a Geek Ground support group for this I think.
For sure!

I was also really excited to see Terra's development as time goes on. Knowing Kirkman, she will get ripped in half in front of our eyes. Heartless bastard! Phone Post 3.0

Well this made the start of my day complete shit. Absolutely love this book. I look forward to this and east of west every month. Heartbreaking Phone Post 3.0

Btw. I would've never have started this book if it wasn't for D.A. Posting every damn issue on the old Geekground. Makes me realize the community we lost on here. Phone Post 3.0

TFK_UVolt - 
BigWilliam - We will need a Geek Ground support group for this I think.
For sure!

I was also really excited to see Terra's development as time goes on. Knowing Kirkman, she will get ripped in half in front of our eyes. Heartless bastard! Phone Post 3.0

Yeah I was kind of expecting Terra to be the one to ultimately defeat Thragg. The powers of her mother with the strength and durability of a Viltrumite backing it up seems like an unbeatable combo. But I doubt there will be time for her to grow enough for it to happen.

Not reading comments above because maybe they have spoilers, but I want to comment despite being a new reader.

I started reading basically because everyone here and IRL told me it was great and I ignored them and read Marvel Hercules instead.... yeah. Felt bad later so picked this up to see what the fuzz was about.
My prior reluctance was purely aesthetical, as I didnt like the design of the main char in the covers one bit. Really didnt feel like reading something where the main char was someone with those bubbles on the eyes for no reason.

But yeah I liked the series very much once I started reading. Special note for fleshing out villains and working future storylines as backstory. The advantage of not having to cut your series short for a relaunch every couple of years.

However reading it pretty much at once, several issues a day, this more intertwined storytelling gives you a pretty jaded feeling. Every single battle the birth of a future storyline, every little tiny interaction a character development moment for a villain or a hero. Ahhhggg. Can nothing just end? Can nothing just be resolved for good?

Then I remembered. Kirkman. Walking Dead. Read a fan letter where he talked about this thing never ending, going until after his death. I remembered reading something like that about his TWD series too. So I decided to pull the plug. Jumped off the train in the first happy moment, or just a moment with no big bad cliffhanger it gave me. Like I did with TWD years ago.

Maybe Ill pick it back up once I know it really ended and I wont have to read some epic arc compete for attention with some next encounter setup with black-brains or something.