Invincible (tv show) so far

NO SPOILERS from me at least…

Generally, pretty happy watching it. For the most part, the changes they have made from the comic don’t bother me…with one exception.

I cannot stand Amber. At all.

And now that I think about it, Eve doesn’t seem as kind and thoughtful as she was in the comics. So maybe that’s two things that bother me.

Amber is a cunt, horrible take on the character cannot wait for her to go away.

It is funny that Eve couldn’t go to Africa, why change that?

Overall great series, great choices for the actors.


Maybe I’m mis-remembering, but Amber in the comics was a sweet, kind, lovely girl. She had to be so there was the tension of “who ends up with Mark”. Right now, there’s no question who Mark should end up with. Everyone is better than Amber. (ok, an exaggeration, but still…)

Yeah I think maybe they wanted to virtue signal by re-writing Amber. It only made it impossible to understand why Mark would even put up with her crap.

The fact that Amber angers so many is funny. Did they hamfist some woke shit in? Yeah.

But they made her a total cunt in the process, lol…it’s not a good look. Almost like they did it to check off boxes, but undermined it on purpose.

It feels half thought out, like the tried to shoe horn in a bunch of slogans and didn’t finish the character. On purpose or just half assed writing, I don’t know.

That was one hell of a “talk”.

Is that it for Season 1?

I love the show but never read the comics and am impatient so I read the Invincible wikis. I get the gist of the book arcs.

I am tempted to buy the compendiums. Is it worth all the $?

It’s in my top 5 all time. Fantastic.

Yes. That is it for season 1. I believe it’s already been renewed for additional seasons.

I think Invincible is worth buying, but ymmv. There are places online where you can read Invincible, and that would allow you to try before you buy, so to speak.

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i wonder how much they are going to change the show, they seem to change the order of certain things; but i wonder how much they will omit, i think its extremely well done. ALot of critics seem not to like it; but i havent heard one viewer say its not high quality