Invincible vs walking dead

I have gotting into The Walking Dead apon hearing so much about it around here. Kirkman also writes Invincible , is it any good??

Ive read a few invincible books and really enjoyed them, pick up a trade i think there pretty cheap.

I've enjoyed the Invincible trades that I've read, and would recommend them.

I find walking dead more interesting, but I enjoy invincible.

Yeah, Invincible is awesome. I'm a Walking Dead superfan, though- I even have original art from issue 11 hanging on my wall!

I didn't think Invincible was remarkably interesting until sometime in the second trade. Really changes things up. I highly recommend picking up the first two or three trades.


Worth getting definitely its not your usual superhero book.Walking dead is better imo but its a different type of story.

I know it will def be different but it has the same char development type writing?


its a must have for me....i love that book....

Invincible is a nice concept.

Omni Man is BA!

thanks to the scanners and maddposter who upped this invincible