Invite for Saturday at Shindo gym

To all forum bros and sisters. This Saturday sees JJ and Adrian McDonald attempt their black belt grading in our own system. In 10 years I have only graded 3 people to black belt so, this does not happen every day.

Adrian has been training solidly for nearly 7 years while JJ has been in 6 days a week for 4 years and they have earned the right.

The grading is simple in theory but a hard physical and emotional challenge. They must complete 20 x 3 min hard rounds of sparring with a minute break between rounds. The rounds are broken up into rounds of boxing, kickboxing, wrestling to ground, grappling with and with out strikes and full mma rounds.

When broken down into the various rounds it is a lot easier to see if the person has a well rounded game and can look after himself well in most of those areas.

It would be a pleasure to have anyone of the forum crew come alone and show your support. A few surprise fighters are coming down to help make their day a painful one. Please ring me on 0412 541 221 and let me know if you are interested as it will be a great day. Starts at 1:30 and should end about 3pm (no admission, of course).

All the best!

mwahahahahaha :))

Good luck to Adrian and JJ i am sure you will both impress.

"A few surprise fighters are coming down to help make their day a painful one" Love your work Kerry

Hey Tank, sounds similar to the old Zen Do Kai 2nd Dan grading. What a blast they used to be. Wish i could get there to watch it.
Good luck to all invloved.

I still have bruises from my ZDK Nidan (and that was many, many years ago)

Best of luck to the Shindo boys. Sounds like a fun way to spend a summers afternoon in Queensland (lunatics !!)



If it rains I'll be there.

Good luck to JJ and Adrian. Sounds bloody tuff.

I'll definately pop in to slap both of them around the head a bit,...then
promptly leave with a nice but rather French.."humff"..

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Best of luck to JJ and the team. Go hard boys!!! Then you can come and celebrate at K1!!!


All the best fellas.