IOS 13 Public Beta

It was released and I added it on my phone. Swipe feature is old but pretty cool since I have never used it. Was really excited about car play update. Anyone tried that yet?

Tom- what are you talking about? I ain't got time to google(I hear that's bad for me anyway). 


An apple Ios update?  Some newfangled beta testing for an upcoming update?  I'm so fucking confused right now. And kinda hyped up on caffeine and porn. 

Hey Sam- yes there is an update for the new iOS but it i it is an early beta release. It fucks up some functionality for this app so it's too early to download it but I did it anyway because I'm a moron. The new car play update looks amazing though. 

Sak- not sam

I'm always late to the party, only thing I ever beat tested was this app, and if you're saying it fucks stuff up here I don't think I can handle anymore fuck ups! 


Its cool, you can call me Sam, my own mother called me and my brother Boy and Other Boy, I'm not easily offended by an autocorrect. 

I keep getting messages to update to the new iOS. I have 12.2 and it wants me to go to 12.3.1. Is it worth it? Is it safe? Opinions?

IDK if I really want to until it's been around for a while. I know they like to have end users be beta testers and stuff.

Tread carefully. Some important apps (like smart lights and cameras) might not be compatible yet.