Iowa Banning Extreme Fighting?

This was in our Des Moines Register....

Bill could end extreme fighting
Proponents say the sport brings a lot of revenue into Iowa communities.


February 8, 2006

Call it a rematch: A couple of years ago, Iowa legislators debated outlawing the rough and tumble sport of extreme fighting, but the measure got knocked down.

Now it's back for Round Two.

The state's athletic commissioner wants to stop regulating the sport of "shootfighting" -- the legal term for extreme or ultimate fighting. Supporters of the sport say that would knock it out of the ring.

The state sanctions shootfighting and other sports, such as boxing and wrestling, but officials say they can't properly regulate the extreme fights and worry about the liability issues for the state.

Under the state's proposal, House Study Bill 543, the sport would become unregulated. The bill would affect the type of fighting featured in Tuesday's Des Moines Register IowaLife section.

"If somebody should get hurt or seriously injured during one of these things the state is supposedly regulating, (the state) has the deep pockets to be sued over it," said David Neil, the state's new athletic commissioner.

The state's current regulations are not adequate, Neil said, raising concerns about blood-borne diseases and whether children should be allowed to watch.

Supporters of ultimate fighting say such a move would be the death blow to the professional sport that involves the fighting styles of boxing, wrestling, kickboxing and judo.

They say Neil, who also serves as the state's labor commissioner, is against the sport and has persuaded legislators who don't know anything about it to oppose it.

"It sounds to me like it's an inconvenience to him," said Monte Cox, a Bettendorf extreme-fighting promoter.

Cox said he thinks Neil is not considering "how many managers, fighters, promoters, how many of those Iowans are involved and how many hotel rooms and restaurants and venues that we use and how much revenue we bring in."

Cox said the sport has regulations under the state's administrative rules, such as requiring a referee and efforts to provide public safety. He said promoters make sure there are doctors at events and they are required to follow safety rules.

He disagreed that the state would be any more liable for extreme fights than for such sports as boxing or football.

A House subcommittee has begun work on the legislation, but at least one legislator in the group says it would be his preference to do a flat ban on the sport.

"I don't see any social good . . . in particular the message it sends to young people," said Rep. Mike May, R-Spirit Lake.

Rep. Paul Wilderdyke, a Woodbine Republican and chairman of the subcommittee, said he doesn't think the professional events should be banned but he is worried about the amateur contests.

In 2002, state legislators debated banning nonsanctioned amateur contests. The legislation would have set regulations for the unpaid fights. Legislators in 2002 even took a trip to watch a fight but the measure went nowhere.

House Study Bill 543


Passed Senate, Date Passed House, Date
Vote: Ayes Nays Vote: Ayes Nays


1 An Act excluding ultimate and extreme fighting from regulation as
2 boxing or wrestling contests.
4 TLSB 5399DP 81
5 kh/gg/14


1 1 Section 1. Section 90A.1, Code 2005, is amended by adding
1 2 the following new subsection:
1 3 NEW SUBSECTION. 1A. "Boxing" or "wrestling" means the
1 4 traditional form of boxing or wrestling and shall not include
1 5 fight contests or exhibitions commonly known as ultimate or
1 6 extreme fighting, as determined by the commissioner.
1 8 This bill defines "boxing" or "wrestling", for purposes of
1 9 Code chapter 90A, which regulates boxing and wrestling, as the
1 10 traditional forms of these sports. The bill also excludes
1 11 from the definition fight contests or exhibitions commonly
1 12 known as ultimate or extreme fighting, as determined by the
1 13 labor commissioner, therefore excluding these contests or
1 14 exhibitions from the labor commissioner's regulation.
1 15 LSB 5399DP 81
1 16 kh:rj/gg/14

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that didnt work

So would this ban the sport? I didn't see the Section 1.  Section 90A.1, Code 2005 that the bill amends. Or will it leave the sport operating without regulation?


Monte, do you know? There must be a reason it failed 2 years ago.

how will a country boy survive?


Country boys fight in Nevada

This sucks. :(

this is shitty

We attended the meeting and had our say with a couple of representatives who were on our side... MMA is not going anywhere.

Sweet news Monte...


From what I hear is that the guy who runs the Iowa State Athletic commision is also in charge of the Iowa Work Force Development center for the State, and he does not want to do both. So he thinks if he bans MMA he will not have to deal with it anymore and not waste his time with the events.



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