Iowa Challenge-saturday-Oskaloosa

I don't have much time to put the full card but there is an Iowa Challenge event on saturday in Oskaloosa for those with nothign to do.-3 kickboxing matches(including me) and a bunch of boxing and mma.A little something for everyone.I will post the card when I get back from the gym tonight

are you from osky? what time and how much?

I'm actually living in Fairfield,an hour away.The fights start at 7 pm.Tickets are 15,25,30 and 35

you should go if you get a chance beefy, its a great event. and clayton is almost naked.

You like that don't you,Ronnie?

i sure do ya sexy galoot. good luck tonight and kick some butt. i said kick.

results? I need to buy a tape of it off of you Clayton

The tape should be ready in about a week

Hi Miller :)

Would Jason be for fisrt name? You might want to email me, I met someone in Waterloo at a doctor's office claiming he was you. Actually for the long wait for the doctor's visit, it was amusing but also sad. He said Monte was going to sign you pretty soon ( I guess meaning him ) ??? LOL ;)

Harley - "Miller" is Clayton Miller.

I'm not Jason Miller but I did beat the jason Miller from Waterloo once.He is actually a friend of mine though although he has his moments

Not anymore he doesn't, he got in more "legal" trouble. I can only imagine the conversation Harley had with Miller. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that one.


it was pretty interesting ;)

Miller I think Ronnie wants you to post the picture of you wearing the belt in jockstrap, he talks about it all the time...spooky.

Clayton...tape ready yet?