Iowa MMA Petition

Recently the Iowa Athletic Commission though it would be a good idea to make promoting MMA in Iowa so expensive that the sport will leave the state. The Iowa Senate and House have both approved the Act. It is now being looked at by the wellness committee. Please sign this petition to repeal Senate File 385. Everyone is welcome to sign! We really need to send a message to the politicians who don't understand how large this sport is getting.



I dont really think that the fees will be that much of a problem. Granted it is a pain to have to pay more, but if that is what it takes to fund the commission without a statewide tax then so be it.

The REAL problem is that the commission has no power to do anything about the events that currently pay nothing to the state at all. These are the "amature" events that are running rampant accross the state, and will continue to pay nothing while the legitimate promoters foot the bill.

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Anyone who fights in the state of iowa should sign the petition unless you are willing to pay 150 registration fee to fight here. I just fought in ND and it cost 10 dollars not 150. Image if you are brought in from a different state to fight and they tell you before the fight that you owe 150 dollars before you can get in the cage. WTF, talk about extreme, especially since some of the guys are only making 2/2.


There is still the 5% to the commission and the local sales tax as well as the $2000 license fee. The fighters will now have to register and pay the $150 and there is no real way to tell who is registered and who is not. What is this money going to? From what I hear some of the promotions have a hard enough time making ends meet and this is just designed to hurt them more. Why do they need to have the license fee for MMA and there isnt one for Boxing?

I have been in contact with some local promoters and if we get enough signatures they are going to take it to the capital. We can get this repealed if we ban together.


I agree that its bullshit. But for years the problem is the promotions that dont follow the rules in the first place. It is easier for the Iowa AC to try and get rid of the sport than actually put their foot down and do something about all the shitty underground events (especially when there is no legislation to allow them to).

If fighters really want to do something about saving MMA in Iowa, quit fighting in unsanctioned events...


I know we have more Iowa folks on here then this. Come on guys this is just another way the government is trying to ban this sport. Everyone on the UG should be signing this.

They are trying to make it so expensive that the smaller shows wouldnt be able to afford it, which for the most part, is the majority of shows that go on around here. Not to mention that if I had to pay 150 dollars to fight I wouldnt be fighting. And I actually make decent money. alot of guys dont...

This bill has flip flopped more times than a fish out of water. Deregulate one day over regulate the next.

Any way i'm very much torn on what to do about this. on one hand it will be more expensive to put on a show for the ones who get sanctioned already, but this would also put out of buisness the guys who can't afford the higher fees. I have an appointment monday in Des Moines to talk about this face to face with some representatives. i'll be completely honest. if they won't budge on the fee's i'm going to insist they ad language to the effect of any mma event including amature, exhibition or any thing else will be required to get a license and they will need to be hefty fines and jail time involved. For those of you have been paying attention to the legislature this year the democrats all have their heads up their asses!

by the way good luck with the petition! i've been emiling all 96 reps since monday and have only heard back from 2

Legalize: it got rejected

What I meant was this is just the first step they are taking to minimize the effect of a ban. First you get the smaller promotions out by making it too expensive and then you only have to deal with a few when you completely ban it. AC Dave Neil doesn't like MMA and I'm sure this is what he is gunning for.

Some questions I want answered are:

  1. Where is the $2000 being used?

  2. Where is the 5% AC fee being used?

  3. Why over regulate one combat sport instead of another?

  4. What are they going to do with the $150 fighter reg fee?

I mean if you add it up the athletic commission is going to make approx. $5000 in additional fees on a 10 fight show. That's a pretty penny!



I met with the Chairman of the Ways and Means committee yesterday. He also felt the fees were out of line and i also talked to him about some of the other language in the bill. He is going to re-look at it. Chances are this will never make it out of committee. I'll keep you posted.