Iowa State beat Iowa

As much as I hate to admit it. First time in 30 head to head matchups.

The Paulson twins look like they are for real for the Cyclones. The guest commentator for a while on Iowa Public TV was Kevin Jackson.

The Paulsons are for real. I saw them wrestle against Lehigh earlier this season. I'd bet they'll both be all-americans this year.

what state are they from (high school)?


The Paulson twins are from Council Bluffs Lewis Central. They are both currently undefeated.

Travis (157) - 3 time state champ, 168-3 career HS record, 87-0 final 2 years, 14-4 record as unattached last year as he redshirted.

Trent (149) - 2 time state champ, 192-2 career HS record, 102-0 final 2 years, 13-1 record as unattached last year as he redshirted.

I remember their junior year, the Lewis Central team had state champs at 119, 130, 135, 140, 145, & 160 and were 4th @ 112, 4th @ 152, & 5th @ 189.

Zalesky needs to go.

He had a tough act to follow. Is it really a case of Iowa getting worse, or everyone else just getting better?

IMO it's a case of Title IX. D1 wrestling teams are being shut down for women's rowing and lifelong wrestlers have fewer choices of which to go to school. Because of this every D1 school is getting better and deeper at wrestling because there are fewer teams but no shortage of HS wrestlers. Iowa only had one direction to go, and that was down.

I disagree. Iowa never had "outstanding" wrestlers as their backbone. Given Williams, Mocco, and McIllravy were freaks, but the rest of the team was just brawlers. It is not the few studs that make a great team, it is the rest of the guys that fight for AA status and beat others who they are seeded below. Brawling became known as the Iowa style. Nobody brawls on this team. They sit back and try to "talent" thier opponents. Look at Schwab a few years ago. He would give up a takedown or two becuase of his relentles attack but he would eventually tire out his opponent and win. Cliff Moore and Luke Eustice are about the only 2 that utilize this style but they do not do it all the time. Fulsaas uses it most of the time, but I feel that he just does not have the talent to make it DI. I hope Mocco gets some good experience so he can come back next year and destroy MFers.

Iowa needs to do something I didn't watch Wrestling until I saw the season and When they started talikng about Iowa Style I was hooked.

Maybe they should bring in Royce Alger as a coach. He was an asshole, but he was "Iowa style" all the way.

Tom Brands is an assistant coach - If he isn't "Iowa Style" then I don't know who is.

Halz - I don't disagree with you, but I think Title IX helps the depth and talent of all D1 teams, which hurts a dynasty like Iowa.

As for the Iowa Attitude - it is lacking. The Paulson's basically took the Iowa Attitude & beat Iowa down with it. Something needs to change - soon.

What does Gable have so say about there lack of wining?

This should be one hell of a season. Iowa State is quietly making a bid for a national title. It is going to be anyones game come March.

I meant make Alger head coach; or maybe Brands should be head, and not assistant. Something's not quite right anymore.
In "The Season" didn't one of the guys running say "Fuck you" to Zaleski, and Zaleski was just like "Yeah, fuck me". I don't imagine anyone would have dared said that to Gable.

I didn't see that part of the Season. Why did they chouse Zaleski over one of the Brands?

The Brands don't?

Please explain.

Hawkeyefan - how is it that Title IX is helping increase depth at college programs? With fewer and fewer programs, there are fewer and fewer wrestlers at the college level, meaning the field of competitors is slowly dwindling away - which makes the caliber of the whole field weaker.

I think I see the logic you're using to arrive at your conclusion, but think it's having the opposite effect.

I think I'll stop writing now before I go on a murderous rampage from mulling over Title IX again. *sigh*

Gable really was that damn good as a coach. Iowa hasn't really gotten worse, it's just that they've come back to the rest of the pack. Nothing more, nothing less. Don't anyone go feeling sorry for them :-)

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