IP address questions

1. How can someone mask their real IP address for using webmail or anonymous forums?

2. How can you track someone if they somehow use fake IPs?

1) proxies

2) I'll let someone else tackle this one, but I'll just say it would be a collosal pain in the ass and can often be impossible.

alpo is CORRECT

unless ur into heavy shit, dont bother

Depends on how anonymous you want to be. Proxies is correct if you
want to launder your IP on some fool admin who has left allowing
proxying on the external interface of their proxy on, but at the same
time, you have to check the degree of anonymity that the proxy server
is set for. Try setting your browser and using a 'hacked' or a public
proxy (try searching google for free anonymous proxy), and then check
your ip with http://police.go.th/ip

That was placed there to check the degree of anonmity of your proxy
by the Thai CyberPolice. If you see your real IP still listed even though
you used the proxy, then its not very good to hide behind. If you want
to lauder your IP better, use a free socks proxies so you can hide
behind many layers of proxies, and if you need nasty security, you may
use a Trojan horse to have someone else's machine send the email for

The CyberPolice of a few countries, believe it or not, use a java web-
bug. So even if you use a few proxies, when you open a webbased
email in your browser, or if you use Outlook Express with the HTML
turned on, they got you. The little little web-bug starts running when
you open your mail and reports itself back to the CyberPolice.

If you want to be anonymous with email, for example extortion or
something nasty... use pine, ssh from a few exploited workstations
with trojans, and bouced off high anonymous proxies from a wireless
hotspot. :-)

warez has haxored the CORRECT

Thanks, Warez.

More questions:

Can a proxy be used behind a firewall and not be subject to IT investigation?

Is there a website available like http://police.go.th/ip to track false IPs that are sent via email or posted on open forums?


I am a little confused by your question. You mean, if you are behind
the firewall with the proxy? Of course they can trace you, because you
will ultimately be coming off your gateway router with real IP. Or do
you mean, if there is a proxy behind a firewall, if you could bounce
your connection off of it? If the firewall is cofigured correctly, you are
not going to make it past the firewall to get to the proxy. External
ports on a stateful firewall will only allow returning traffic that is
coming from the destination IP, AND for that specific request port. (ex connects to - client
requesting web traffic on port 80 must also receive the traffic returning
on port 3047 or the firewall won't let you in). So no, if the firewall is
configured correctly you can't get to the proxy in the first place.

Well, you can do whois on the IP to see what ISP in what country, etc
who owns that IP range. You won't be able to tell if its a legitimate IP
or a proxy without checking it manually.

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Isn't there a way to find out the name of the person with that IP address? When I look up an IP address and it says AOL in Virginia -- what's that supposed to tell me?!!!

I'd like to know Joe Public has visited our site so many times, etc.

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