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Hey guys I was just involved with an iphone app called iBJJ that was just released. The link to the app in itunes is here.


Here is part of the write up for it:

We first thought of making this application with video. But as we played around with it we found that by merging the two mediums we really could create a lightweight application that brought the best of both worlds together. Each move was shot in video, and then we picked the key frames that we felt emphasized the details we wanted to teach. The play button allows you to see the frames in a flip book mode so that the motion and momentum within the moves is not lost.

We've found that using the frame by frame method of instruction allows you to take in moves at the pace you want. You can jump around fast or spend lots of time scrutinizing a particular frame until you get it just right. Video forces you into the pace the instructor takes. We allow you to take your phone onto the mat and work the details.

Our goal with this app is to offer information in a seminar type format. Many books and videos try to give an overview of the art, starting with the basics and offering techniques from every position. With this application, we are trying to simulate the information you would receive in a seminar. We are planning on bringing in other black belts and professional fighters to do an "online seminar" and show some of their favorite techniques.



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I was gonna help you guys out with a download, but find it hard to get a $4 ap that has no buzz yet. I'll let others spend the $4 to try it out and ill reconsider once some reviews are out.


We have frequently been updating with new moves and have many more we are still adding in. Should be 4 more this next update.

We have a website - www.paxmow.com that has links to the free version and the paid version.

We have an Android version out! All you Android users please check it out and let us know what you think!

Also there should be an update for the iPhone this week, that will add several more moves.

I have about 30 more moves I'm working on for some future updates. And we just shot a wrestling for Jiu-Jitsu series with Jimmy Quinlan.

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Uhh I just posted we DO have an android app. Thanks for the bump though ;-)

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US$ 4,99






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iBJJ offers instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Both gi and no-gi techniques that include submissions, escapes, advancements and drills.  If you're into BJJ, you need this app in your pocket.

Techniques are broken down frame by frame so no movement is missed.  Text can be pulled up over each frame to explain key details.


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Hey guys we just added an in-app module to the iPhone app iBJJ. It is called "Wrestling for BJJ" and has 40 wrestling moves and drills that translate over extremely well to BJJ and submission grappling tournaments.

Check us out on Facebook at:


Or on our website at:


*This module is only available on the iPhone right now. Although iBJJ is on both the iPhone and Android, Android just announced today that they will introduce support for in-app purchases so we will be working on that now.

trying to put a video up but I'm retarded when it comes to posting video's.