Iphone x 2 years old... and slow as shit

Thought this shit was fixed?

I'm still using an iPhone 6 and it runs great.  Kinda surprised.

When you say slow, do you mean when playing a game on it?

Lots of factors to consider. What apps do you have installed? Whats the size of the memory? How much do you have left over? Do you have auto background app refreshing (check settings)? Did you update your iOS?

I have an SE (between 6 & 7) and it's still running great.  I don't put any apps on my phones though.  I have a team app for my daughters sports team, and added chrome because the OG is faster on that than safari.  Other than that, no apps and my phones last a lot longer than everyone else I know.  I do have to always run it in low power mode or the battery is gone in an hour.

Does it indicate any issues with your battery? From my understanding iOS will slow down to prevent issues with batteries going bad. In the past it wouldn't necessary alert the user but I think now they are required to... or something like that.

There was a time that apple would send updates thaf would slow the shit out of their older phones to encourage you to but a new one. They probably stilI do it. recall an iphone that literally overnight just decided to bog down like 50 %. Hate apple. 

iPhones peaked with the 5. They’ve been dog shit ever since. 

Me guessing it is the battery? Do you have a battery checker app?
My 6s runs great. almost 4 years old now.

Tmaguru -

apple does that shit on purpose


with android ya just stick a new battery in


smartphones used to and i think still do have a thing where if your battery is not as efficient it slows the processor down to conserve it


or some shit like that


Most flagship Android phones don't allow you to change batteries either and haven't for years.


But yes, Apple has been caught pushing updates to purposely slow down older phones.

I think you can still take it into an Apple store and get a new battery for like $35.  If they’re still slowing down their software for old batteries, that will fix it



I have an iPhone X and it is trash.

its been in an otter box it’s entire life and the screen has ghost touch, look it up.


ive literally dummy called a dozen people at 3am.

it just fucking happens whenever it wants 

I miss my se 1

I still have an iPhone 7 with no problems and great battery life.  Turn off all non-essential functions on rarely used apps.   Also turn off crap like location,  notifications, etc.  

Designed to fail after 2yrs so you buy a new one

64 gb memory, > 30 gb available. Turned off background app refresh, seems to help

Just in case y’all aren’t aware.  Press Volume up, press volume down, then immediately press and hold power button until it restarts. That’s gonna force a “hard” restart. Will sometimes fix some issues.


Mine works flawless, and I’ve had it since launch. Have it jail broken too. Thinking about keeping it another year instead of upgrading in September.