IPTV Services?

Anybody here use an IPTV service they can recommend? If so, what kind of device are you running it through?

In. Want one fort my Roku.

I thought iptv was it’s own service no?

Last year my buddy gave me a hacked roku that had a lot of apps but the best one was iptv. It had over 5k channels and tons of great great content including porn.

I later found out that he had been paying $15 a month to have access to all that and I lost access when the subscription ran out and I am not one to pay for tv/movie content so I never did, but for $15 a month I can say it’s a fucking bargain. Go for it if you can.

There is an app just called “iptv”, but it’s gotta be connected to a server. Do you know which service you were using?

I just know it was a roku that my Chinese friend he knew some people who were able to add some apps to it that made me have access to a bunch of cool shit like hbo’s, showtimes’, netflix, amazon prime and iptv. I’d get ppvs for free too but the friend who gave it to me moved to Taiwan so if you want me to ask him I probably won’t get an answer anytime soon.

here some guidance

Dm you just now op.

Can I get one too?

I may just have to try a few different ones and see which stands best. Having a program guide would be nice too.

May I as well please?

Just a heads up if you guys find a service you like don’t spread it everywhere the powers at be love shutting IPTV down and the good ones you will never find with a google search

DM me too please. My current iptv sucks. Freezes all the time. Just started looking for a new one.

Has anyone successfully run an IPTV through roku?

I use mine through the Firefox browser on my 4k firestick, so I’d think you would be able to. Incredible service, i pay $1 per month and get EVERYTHING.
Sign up is currently closed but ill come back here when it reopens if anyone is still interested

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There’s no browser on roku