iran 2006

international vale tudo championship iran_2006

for take part in this event send your information to this mail :

iran vs india vs russia vs franca vs vitnam vs brazil

we dont afraid bomb!!!

dehghani, American's can't participate though. We can't get into Iran.

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thanks mustang and i wish that dayes in the world dont have fight with country

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Iran sucks almost as bad as Cananda.

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yah, lets fight in a cage made of chicken wire.

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well done on getting associated with Batarelli, one of the pioneers of this sport

IVC Hits IranDate submitted: 28 April 2006Submitted by: Ed Preuss / B-TOUGH After hosting a show in Venezuela and Jamaica, International Vale-Tudo Championship once again reinvents the Mixed Martial Arts event after four years away from fight press scene. In June of 2006, IVC promises to set fire in a region that has been treated as a wide world threat: Islamic Republic of Iran, in Middle Western. The local of the event will be in Hamedan province, which was the first capital of the first government of old Iran for the past 26 countries.In between rumors of North American invasion and Iranian mass destruction weapons, Iran will be part of the international calendar of Vale-Tudo in 2006. According to event's promoter S?rgio Batarelli, the event will gather together the best fighters from Europe and Asia, besides Brazilians. "I already have few names confirmed to fight at the debut as Indians Samson 'The Cobra' Joseph, Alan 'The Bull' Fenandes and Vishal 'Cyclone' Balkawde and Russians Alexey Maligin, Vitaly Shemetov and Sergey Shemetov," says Batarelli, adding: "The event will also feature some Brazilian fighters and I have also an intention to take with me a referee and I'll run few seminars to graduate referees in Iran," concludes Batarelli.
Still according to event promoter, the International Vale-Tudo Championship in the country will receive the name as Iranian Vale Tudo Championship (IVT) and will also feature in the card local Asghr Rashtbrei and French fighters Franck Rivas, Michel Garcia and Philippe Perin. The organization promises to announce other Iranian fighters at 65kg and 80kg divisions.
Source: MaxFighting

Good luck with the event, and I'm sorry your country is about to get raped by mine.

WW3 here we come.

thanks Dreamer420