iran 2006

deghahni, I wish I could come there to watch the show. How would Americans be treated there?

good luck with your show dehghani.

well, I want to see what dehghani says, come now.

Frankly, an American visitor with real Iranian friends would probably be fine, but would need to make sure all their activities were totally transparent and behave perfectly morally to avoid any possible trouble in the current political climate. I have seen many accounts from wrestlers who have competed in Iran that said it was a great experience, with hospitable, friendly people, at least in the wrestling world.

LOL at infotr8r being scared of the boogie man.

I've heard that Iranians are actually some of the most hospitible people in the world.  They have a custom (i think) to open their doors to strangers and share a tea with them.

iranian people is very good people and very very gentelman and in my country is hve vey peace and my country is very oldest country and is very beautiful