Iran launches missiles at American consulate in Iraq

This is gonna make shit a whole lot worse. Putin’s lapdogs.

A number of missiles were fired towards the US consulate in Erbil in northwestern Iraq on Saturday night, according to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

The governor of Erbil, Omed Khoshnaw, stated that multiple missiles fell in the area, saying it was unclear whether the target was the US consulate or the airport in the city. According to INA, five explosions were heard in the attack.

The health minister of Kurdistan stated that there were no injuries or deaths reported in the attack on Saturday night.

What’s this now?

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Ah shit

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“Gas prices are Iran’s fault.”- - brandon


So this is Iran retaliation against the us in Iraq for an Israeli strike in Syria?

is as of yet unclear who fired the missiles. Iran has threatened retaliationin recent days for the deaths of two Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) officers in an alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria last week.

Iran-backed militias reportedly targeted the Al-Tanf base, where US forces are housed, in October in retaliation for an alleged Israeli airstrikes which targeted Iranian-backed forces in Syria last year

This is good for America…spfagson

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Are there any legit sources on this? All I can find is that jpost link

Launching at and launching toward are two different things.


If Irans missile system can be hacked. It wouldn’t surprise me if Israel played a role. Idk shit about missile systems though


Nothing yet. Just Twatter reports. One said Iran was claiming it targeted Mossad facilities which were responsible for the attack on their officers in Syria earlier.

Tell Iranians to come back in 9-12 hours. Our prez is napping


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