Iran releases CGI vid of Trump getting assassinated

Man I wish he was still our president instead of this dickless turd


Dickless, mindless, souless. I feel like ramming into cars that STILL have a Biden/Harris sticker.

Butthurt faggot terrorist country.

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at least they made trump a little less dumpy than he actually is

This is like getting your ass kicked by someone and then going home so you can draw with stick figures how you’re going to kick their butt next time. Then sending it to them thinking it is some badass move. They had all this time to respond to the killing of their terrorist general and all they could come up with is a short cartoon that had 90’s low budget quality.


The better description is the intro to a PS2 game. I got that from one of the comments lol

And the only reason they can kill him in CGI is because we invented CGI.


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Remind me…isn’t Dictator Dementia and Regime in talks w/Iran over a nuclear deal right now?

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Donald Trump GIF by Justin Gammon
Its called THICC

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Me too, but only so that Dems trusted science rather than party

They must have just gotten cgi in Iran. Progressive

I’m interested in the White House’s response.


Their knowledge of US tech is a little frightening. How did they know that B-2 pilots stand up during flight?

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And ironically the only reason they’re like this is because of you fucking morons.

What are you talking about? The middle east have been savages forever. Read the real history of the Crusades and why it happened. How about why some of the founding fathers read the Qaran to understand the enemy. The Marine hyme song to the shores of Tripoli was fighting muslims, heck even the movie 300 was based on fact of muslims attacking. There is so many examples but that area has been filled with savages for centuries.

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And ironically the only reason [Iran is] like this is because of you fucking morons.

Dumbest comment on the Internet. Congrats!

Holy shit this aged badly…

Don’t waste your fuel

It’s too expensive under Biden / Harris

Religion of peace