Iran’s ambitious nuclear program moving ahead very, very fast

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Almost like trump should have kept obamas nuke deal

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Let it rain :cloud_with_rain:

The only way all nations don’t eventually end up with nukes is if something more powerful comes along.

You mean the one where they continued to pursue nuclear capabilities and faced no repercussions? And even got piles of cash from our government?


You mean piles of their seized cash back?

Everything is Trump’s fault to the mental ill.


Who tore up the nuke deal?

The nuke deal which payed them money to keep their program going?

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How long until THE WEST assassinates more Iranian scientists?

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That, or Putin’s.

Paid them their own money as part of the deal you mean. Shockingly both sides usually have to make concessions to get a deal. Trumps strategy of cancelling it and talking shit for four years certainly didnt achieve anything

It turned you into a extra whiny little bitch. I’ll take that as a win


Something Something Weapons of mass bullshit something Iraq Something something 'Merica !