iranian fight news 2006

Organization :Iranian vale tudo fighting championship
...Date__ 1,2,3 ,November, 2006__ Location Hamedan,iran__

1_Vahid bayyazi nejad (winner) vs Mohammad nabbi birikvand Submission (Rear Naked Choke) round 1 time 3:20
2_Ali asghar poor safarei (winner) vs Mohammad ghodarzei Submission (Rear Naked Choke) round 1 time 2:40
3_Rassol rezaei (winner ) vs Bahram bighzada Submission (Rear Naked Choke) round 1 time 1:30
4_Akbar nabavei (winner) vs Ali ghodarzei...... TKO (Strikes) round 1 time 00:16

UFC _ Iranian UFC 6 __ Organization :IRANIAN ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP.... Date:1,2,3 november 2006__ Location: Fajr sepah clup
babataher hamedan iran country
1 Farshad Mehr abi (winner) vs HOSSIN POORSAFAREI by TKO (Corner Stoppage)
__ round : 4 __ time 3:20
2_Behrooz bayyat (winner) vs MORTEZA BAGHAEI by Tap out round :1time 1:46 iufc iranian vale tudo

as soon i put photo on my web sites

Ali asghar poor safarei (winner) vs Mohammad ghodarzei


lkfmdc : why!!!!!

NO!!!!!!!!! ghodarzei Lost?????

yes both ghodarzei (mohammad and ali 2 brothers ) lost in this event


I can't believe more people aren't talking about this!

Ghodarzei lost? To Safarei? This changes everything

i sucsesfull for showing ufc and vale tudo on my tv channale (iran tv 3)and my sattelite channel(irib news ) for 5 minate and i am very very glade !!

Come on guys, stop with the politics, Ghodarzei lost! That's big news

iufc real figh with open gloves in the cage and same ufc rules and ivt without gloves in the cage and same ole vale tudo (no rules __ NHB)

Good stuff. Oddessa really needs to start posting odds for UFC Iran fight cards.

IF Denghani would fly me out there i'd fight in the IUFC, imagine the after party.

Denghani is doing a good job

real fighters and real fighting and real blod in iranian vale tudo and iranian ufc

I guess everyone is in a state of denial, but face it Ghodarzei lost! Time to collect on those screen name bets!

"Iran fucking hates Americans."

I think the average Iranian actually likes the US. Relations were actually getting better up until this new guy won the elections. I think its cool Iran has a decent wrestling program and there is UFC style fighting over there. Reza Nasari is Iranian(I think). Keep posting the results!!

yes reza nasri (fight in ufc 11) and saeed hossini (fight in ufc 13 ) and amir rahnavardi (fight in king of the cage) all are irani