Iranian “Morality Police” cop catches overdue ass-whooping

Not sure if you guys have been following, and we all know American press does a woeful job of covering foreign affairs these days, but Iran has been beset by nationwide protests over the death of a 22 year old girl while in custody of the morality cops.

She was visiting Tehran with her family, and arrested on a train, as the hijab she was wearing was not sufficient and deemed immoral. While in police custody, she was beaten over the course of four days and died of a heart attack.

Iranians have taken to the streets all over the country, with military police dispersing protestors, arresting people who organize the protests, and simply turning off the internet to large portions of the country.

Someone recorded a street mob giving an absolute beat down to one of these jackboot thugs:


I approve.



Lizzo is the one who is really oppressed.


Beautiful. Fuck those bullying cunts.


I’m guessing the cops got off scot free? A big reason for the protests if so

Seems like a perfect time to arm them.


Iran is a prime example of why our 2nd Ammendment is so goddamn critical! Smh!


I know the guy…



Iran has always seemed to have a lot of people that hate the fundamentalist regime. Hopefully they can overthrow them.

Such a tragic example of a country where US/UK fucked up big time, fighting democracy to get oil and ended up with an enemy for decades and a fucked people.


leave her alone ghengis

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And what the fuck is the morality polis

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I’m expecting him to get released right around the same time Putin gives up the b-ball player.

DEFUND THE morality police?!!


Are you retarded? Look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Somalia and more. We intentionally destabilize countries then swoop in to plunder their resources. Meanwhile the countries dissolve and tribal warfare takes over leading to millions of people dead. The countries end much worse for us and the world. You military jobbers never think through your decisions. It’s literally the same pattern we have been playing over for decades.


Yup, I still can’t believe this was Afghanistan during the 1960s. Shit that stupid wars does to countries that winds them setting them back decades.



What really happened is Islam had a much stronger reaction against modernism and immoral influences than Christianity did.

I have no idea why ppl think we have that much influence over a country. We spent 20 yrs in Afghanistan and after we left they went right back to what they were doing before we showed up. US foreign policy is not the cause of the worlds problems. It is the cause of a lot of our problems though




Everything you wrote I’ve totally thought through.
As our world gets more and more fucked up via over population and lack of resources we need to absolutely go back to the old ways of arming the rest of the world and letting it annihilate itself. Our country and its legal and non criminal citizenry needs to be our top priority. Fuck the new world order, the WEF, the global economy and our whoring political parties.

We need to become so much more self sufficient if we are to survive the chaos that is coming.


In Iran and a few other Islamic countries, they have police outside normal cops that enforce Sharia-based laws on the general public. Things related to apparel, music, attending social events outside what is permissible, being alone with an unmarried member of the opposite sex, and so on. Even as far as Afghanistan, where things like playing soccer or a woman walking without a male escort after sunset. These “crimes” are punished with as little as a public smackdown or fine, up to imprisonment, beatings, torture, and death.


I was noticing how every vehicle was a small, presumable fuel efficient economy car. I wonder how much gas costs there.

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