iranian Vale tudo 3 ( Video )

iranian Vale tudo part 3


Hamedan city

iran country


iranian  Vale tudo Championship 3   

  Hamedan city   _iran country


Time Round Method Loser Winner


  TKO (Punches

Sajjad alizadeh Mohammad reza karimi    -  70


Ali dehghani sheeva  65155  __ 1465
Hamedan city
iran country   or


dehghani, congratulations on Vale tudo 3 (video).  Your thoughts on Bin Laden and whether Rich Franklin will retire please?

 That is the best video I have ever watched

dehghani- email me.

2JupitersTooMany -  That is the best video I have ever watched

Made me feel like I was tripping balls...maybe I should watch fights this way all the time?

Great poster, sir.

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Dehghani: Dear Dehghani

great video fren , im big fan of UFC Iran and Iranian Vale Tudo !


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