Iraq War dog shot dead by ‘threatened’ cyclist

RockTheVote - I'm all for fellow vets and I think it's kind of cool that the dogs get treated well, but if you let your dog run off leash, you're irresponsible and mistakes have consequences. I'm glad the biker didn't get mauled. Phone Post 3.0
If my GSD ran up on someone because I let her get out and act like a tard I would only blame myself if someone shot her. Phone Post 3.0

MrShush - Cyclists pack all kinds of weapons. Because they are fucking assholes that instigate trouble everywhere they go. Phone Post 3.0
Yup. I played a documentary video game called Road Rash when I was younger and this type of thing was not uncommon. Phone Post 3.0

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lars_schifinkter - I know I'm just a limp wristed foreigner but who carries a sidearm when they're out biking?

If his story is true then I guess it's good he had it. A Malinois is no joke if it actually wants to hurt you.

With no other witnesses there is no way to say, obviously.

A fucking revolver no less Phone Post 3.0
Wyoming bro. They still think they're all cowboys there. Phone Post 3.0
There are mountain lions and wolves everywhere. You should be packing there Phone Post 3.0

I live in the Canadian Rockies bro. I'm only allowed to carry a knife and I'm still alive. I could take a long gun in theory.
I am sure most people are. Would much rather have a gun if I saw a lion than not. Phone Post 3.0