Why do i ride around waiting to get blown away by an ied, why do i watch a certain area trying to prevent mortar attacks, ambushes, and rocket attacks, why do i do all this shit and fail to do the one thing i know this country should be doing. That being destroying these people untill they no longer have a will to fight. If i continue to remain a punching bag without an offensive than i am sacrificing my life for what is already becoming,among the american public, a questionable cause and for those of us on the ground has long been a questionable cause. This place will not have peace untill the iraqis have settled the differences that they have from within the various groups living in this country. No one can settle this dispute but themselves. Don't put me in the middle of it. I have proven myself on the battle field and have no fear to do it again and again, i do wish it were for better reason. If we need to maintain control of oil reserves we can do so but allow the iraqi people to fight among themselves and when a leader is victorious then we can deal with that leader. It is not like we don't turn a blind eye to other more vicious situations around the world for one example i will name Sudan. This to me ,and i speak for many on the ground ,is an unwarranted cause that can only be resolved by natives not coalition forces. Yes Sadaam was an evil bastard but if not him another evil bastard would have been in power, you don't have the luxury of being 100% righteous at the same time that you take control of a country so save my ass and others and realize right now it is not within our capability to create and maintain a stabilized government within the chaotic country of iraq.

Relax brother.........down time is bitch.

Your a shooter, not a planner, just focus on that.

The pay checks keep rolling in. You signed up to fight

for your country........not run it.

This always helped me, from an old timer.............

"You are the tip of the spear boy, it's your job to

stay sharp, you have no control of who throws you or

where, that's the decision you made when you

raised your right prepare yourself for

the next throw!"

Ahhhhhhhh yessss.........Seems like someone is having a case of the mondays.

I know what you're going through bro. The organized monkey shit fight that is OIF.I think fellow forum member Absolute JJ is right though. just focus on your job and realize that all the bullshit you have to put up with makes sense to the higher ups who were given the power point presentation on a 60" flat plasma screen at MacDill, AFB.

Have fun while your there start calling other americans infidels and tell everyone there is only one Allah.

when you are finished with the military try

Get what you can out the Army, get your honorable discharge and get the hell out man, I did it nad it's so sweeeet!