Iron Mike in Cowtown

I laughed my ass off last night when i heard but after sleeping on it i think it will only help the Flames. At the very least for the short term.

Hopefully this makes Iggy want to go up North. To Oil country, where he rightfully belongs.

Insane move, Iron Mike has been shit for many years now.

How does he keep getting hired. Does he keep living off of 1994? New York would've won that stanley Cup with any coach with the team they had.

ROFLROFL I cant believe people are still hiring him. On that note, hopefully this means the Canucks can snatch up Iginla for Brent Sopel and a 7th round pick. All we need is the inevitable Iginla-Keenan head-butting fight.

Somewhere at a gas station Stephane Matteau is preparing to come out of retirement.

Actually Keenan is a great 1-2 year term coach, until his act wears out. He's been saddled with crap teams the last few times and actually had a shitty Bruins team VERY close to making the playoffs. You don't get to be 5th or 6th all time winningest coach by being a scrub.

goeb hanging on to win by a goal in game 7 hardly lends any credibility to your comment.

Your right....It shouldn't have went to a game 7, shame on him. Messier, Leetch, Zubov, Tikkanen, Larmer, Richter Glenn Anderson, etc. They had so much experience, Messier won him game 6 without a doubt. Then Keenan goes over to St.Louis and does jack shit (ok he brought Pronger there, but he couldn't get them anywhere in the playoffs).

lol Messier won them game 6 eh ?
You mean the game Vancouver took 4-1 ? Come back when you know what you're talking about.