Iron Mind ,Fabled Cables

First post here. I have neuropathy(numbness 0 in my hands . i bought a set of these cables from ironmind for Xmas. Iused to be into lifting weighjts a little, but ireally enjoy working out with these cables. Does/has anyone here done any cable training with these? if so what were your results like? Did ypou stop? why?I must admit ,i'm no weakling but I had to start out with one(1) cable on the cable grips. i'm up to 3 now for some lifts but 2 for most others.years ago i would of made fun of someone that used these. i wouldn't make fun of John Brookfield though.i figured the guy that wrote "mastery of Hand strentgh" has gotta know what he's talking about...Thanks in advance for any replies

hi, i do (with samson cables and jumpstretch bands),and results are great.

you can find all info you need.

good luck with your training.

I have the Fabled Cables and use them before I do my pressing movements as a warm up and injury prevention.

I also have them...GREAT

I use the Fabled Cables and the Samson, but I have the Lifeline and Altus cables too.

I think the most versitle cables are the Samson's and the single pieces of tubing (strands) that Fred recommends on his e-z board site.

Cables make up about 80% of the my workouts and have for about the last 2 years.

Definatley pick Fred's brain about using them, as well as Brad Reid's. They are kinda of the "high priest's of cables".


i think ironmind cables are overpriced. they can be easy made, check this link

or, as i did, with piece of 5" x 3/4" pipe + chain with link. i covered chains with duct tape and add double piece of bicycle inner tube where cables are going over chains.

also, IM cable are just surgical tubing, this is better tubing

samson handles are much much better (not cheap, but will lst lifetime).

IMO, the best book about cable training is 'strength lore & strands' by david webster, but it's out of the print.

Thank you for all yopur replies!