Iron Ring Abdul Mutakkabir BJJ?

Saw the 2nd episode. Wow, it's really bad. I was hoping to see new
fighters and a vibe to what's already out there. I thought the packaging
for TUF was bad, the Iron Ring takes it to a whole new level.

Anyway, that one guy Abdul Mutakkabir claims to be a BJJ blackbelt under
Jacare on his website. I got nothing but a total TMA vibe off of him. Am I
totally wrong? Is he legit? Can anybody verify this?


Abdul is a black belt under Jacare in ATL.  He has been training Jiu-Jitsu for probably 12 years.  He is legit.



He's legit.


Is that the same guy the made the comment aboat not understanding why people warm up

abdul is very tough. very nice guy too.

Legit. funny, I was talking about him today with a buddy of mine that is a Jacare brown belt. He is legit, has multiple black belts in multiple arts.

Legit. I've seen him training at Jacare's school. Always seems to be a nice guy, too.


I was way more excited when I thought Abdul was a clueless karate guy. Hell, wasn't Abdul the one with the standing-armlock-while-kicking-another-guy-in-the-head picture?

You guys remember that Night of the Masters Black Karate Ceremony that TBS ran as a promo to Blade? That's the vibe I was getting. :)



Abdul is a black belt!! He has been training Jiu-Jitsu for probably 12 years. He is legit. He is a good friend and a good training partner.

All the Best ABDUL!!!

Junior Assuncao