The April Card of the Ironheart Crown has been cancled. A lot of problems I guess putting it together. Braulio told me that he still hopes to put on a november show, but he is focusing his efforts to a new sport Jiu Jitsu Tourney his is promoting. Now Im not talking about a little tourney like combat do or anything else. This tourney will be held in high regards such as the Pan Ams, Naga, and things of that nature. I know the name of the tourney but I am not at liberty to say. Braulio promises to keep the tradition of the Ironheart at the tourney by making every event better than the last and setting a new standard of sport JJ in north america with no biased reffing, late starts, and all around crap tourneys like you see with big name schools that put on tourneys AKA(gracies and such) Questions about the tourney email me at, eric newell