The April Card of the Ironheart Crown has been cancled. A lot of problems I guess putting it together. Braulio told me that he still hopes to put on a november show, but he is focusing his efforts to a new sport Jiu Jitsu Tourney his is promoting. Now Im not talking about a little tourney like combat do or anything else. This tourney will be held in high regards such as the Pan Ams, Naga, and things of that nature. I know the name of the tourney but I am not at liberty to say. Braulio promises to keep the tradition of the Ironheart at the tourney by making every event better than the last and setting a new standard of sport JJ in north america with no biased reffing, late starts, and all around crap tourneys like you see with big name schools that put on tourneys AKA(gracies and such) Questions about the tourney email me at, eric newell



hmmm i dunno. i think the jiu jitsu world is becoming flooded with too many tourny's already. good luck though.

I just cant believe after all the talk about april show, that it is not happening, there was actually talk about braulio retiring from doing the Ironheart all together. eric newell

just what everyone needs...another sport jui-jitsu tournament. cancel the best mma show in the midwest for sjj, i guess i just dont get it.



adressing some of the issues.

A: Cancelling the show,
I am really not sure about why he did this, what I do know is that there must have been some real issues on getting the card together or other things like that to cancel the show.

Very true, but there has yet to be one in the midwest that when people go to it they do not bitch about something when it is over. All the tourneys here in the midwest are jokes, if they are not combining weights, they have shitty refs, start late..ect ect. With the exception of Indiana Universitys tourney, I really liked that one. All the tourneys in the midwest are garbage. Many of the people I know are travling out to cali(pan ams) to get a good tourney. This will not only help bjj in the midwest, but also bring better fighters to our area.

I for one also hope that the Ironheart does not die, its one of the only things I look foreward to every year.

eric newell

i thought the naga tournies in chicago were ok.
we have arnolds in ohio as well.
this should be another good event, we'll try it out.

I'm surpised and a little dissapointed to hear about the Ironheart Crown being canceled. This is the best show in the midwest and one of the shows I most look forward to competing in. I'd like some more info on the nature of the cancellation.

Eric You should think before you put your foot in your mouth,all our tournaments are no-good!After every tournament we have had a Combat-do the vast majority are very happy. We have been accused of Bias by those that have lost and accused of fairness by those that have won. You are questioning my ethics and crediability you are full of yourself and don't speak i'm sure for the hundreds of people that have attended the tournaments for many years.You don't realize what it takes to put on a tournament.You aren't a referee so you don't realize how hard it is to do the job. You sit back in your comfortable seat and slander hundreds of hours of work to better the sport,Your going to put on a tournament Ha! Try and then after you have gone through all of the inherent problems then talk shit, but untill you have and it has been so great then Shut up. Master Bob

Also sad to hear about the cancellation, as it is a great show to fight on and I was looking forward to a possible opportunity to fight in April. Hope everything works out.

Master Bob, there is no disrespect to you or your tourney you must be misunderstanding me. Most tourneys in this area are not held at the caliber as highs as and example of the pan ams. The tournaments in this area are small, and are really something just to do on a sunday if you want to have some fun. which is great. and you do do an excellent job bringing people together to wrestle. Never would I question your ethics or crediblity. You are great for the sport of MMA and Jiu Jitsu and I am sorry if I offended you. Those who know me, know I wish no disrespect. But NO ONE when they are speaking of there accomplishments say "I won the Indiana Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Tourney" or "Im the Midwest Jiu Jitsu Champion"...You hear more of "I won pan ams" or I was the superfight champion at Naga" and that is where the tourney is going, to be one of the biggest tourneys in the country and bring more BJJ to the midwest. And those of you who know Braulio, know he will be able to achieve this, just look at the Ironheart Crown. Once again Master Bob, i am sorry if I offended you, there was no disrespect ment, but we do need a higher level of competition in this area. eric newell

Oh, keith, I know it sucks about the cancellation(sp?), I dont really know why it was canceled, I will ask braulio. eric newell

SD Jones- If you would ever post something positive on a thread it would be a fucking miracle. The last 3 months I have heard nothing but negative shit out of you.

Fearless Goat

I dont speak for the ironheart, these are MY personal opionions, but I dont remember a fake fight, I dunno, if they did it must have been funny to watch. But everyone knows that the gracie tourneys rules always favor the way gracies train jiu jitsu. Namely I was told no bicep crunchers because that is not GRACIE JIU JITSU, that is what I was told word for word. Everyone puts a lot of work into their event and that is admirable, but this is an event that will raise the bar for JJ. And in no way did I slam the gracies, I dont like their tournament. that has nothing to do with them. eric newell

I am just excited about a huge tourney that I can ride my bike to, lol, but the real issue is that there is no IRONHEART and that SUCKS.

i laugh at this thread!!!! bob and combatdo are the only people really promoting the growth of this great sport in the midwest over the past 6 or 7 years. to say the quality of the tournie is not at a great standard is an insult.

i dont see anyone else putting in the effort to run 4 to 5 grappling tournies a year.

all of a sudden braulio wants to host a tournie and i have to read shit like this being spuewed fron some ones mouth.


lets not all of a sudden want to be hero's and diminish all the hard work we have done for the sport
and its growth.

were the hell have you guys been for the last 6 or 7 years?? every one works hard to run an event. lets not start shit now!!!

if you want support do it the right way. one hand washes the other or breaks it.

chris dranka

It seems that everyone misunderstands this thread, I personally dont like the tournaments in the area, I support all of them because it is good for jiu jitsu, I go to all of them, pay to wrestle and try to get my friends to go too. I am excited about a NEW BIG tourney coming to the area. Master bob does an awsome job giving us places to compete, but it is a fairly small tourny. We only have naga in chicago to look foreward too. Now we will have another huge tourney to train for. Yet I will continue to go to EVERY event that I can as I have in the past. No body slammmed the gracies or master bob. Just because I personally dont like something about their tournament, whatever that may be, does NOT mean that I ahve a problem with them personally. That would be like saying I dont like Mcdonalds frech fries , so I hate everyone who works the counter there. eric newell

My deepest apologies to those who I have offended, I was just stating MY opinion and do not wish to make ANY enimies. I am sorry if I disrespected you or anyone else on the forum, it will not happen again. eric newell

Yes I was looking foreward to the show. It seems every IHC is better than the last.