Ironheart Crown in June?

Anybody have any information on the Ironheart Crown that is scheduled for June 2004? Maybe someone has a list of the fighters they are trying to get or something? Thanks.

The show is set for saturday June 5th . Eric is still working on the card . The fights I've heard about are amazing once again . But would we expect anything less from Eric ?


It'd be cool to see some guys from Duneland Vale Tudo fight on the IHC card, it's their backyard for local fights pretty much, specially Keith Wieniewski, he needs a good push for UFC to finally realize that they should sign


Great show. ttt for any fights or fighters that have signed.

I'd love to see any of the guys from DVT on the card!

Christian RELENTLESS Allen will make his return to the MMA ring on this show..

Plus Eric has a few more surprises up his sleeve..

TTT for the Moon man

Keith will be fighting Steve Berger on April 3rd at the RSF Shooto in Bellville (St. Louis) .

Eric/Randy let me knwo if you need ANY help with the event. Im willing to work for free!

P.S. Randy-Can you release anymore of that Belleville card??? Sorry to HIJACK.
June 5 in Hammond.

Why is Bill Hill ranked as a class B fighter? We thought he was a class A fighter after his last fight.

Per Shooto, Bill has achieved Class A status, but Martin has not. When a Class A fighter fights a class B fighter, the match must be Class B rules.

That's not to say that Martin is any less of a fighter... just that Shooto is not yet aware of his abilities. He hasn't fought in a Shooto-sanctioned event yet.