Ironheart Crown Results?

we need the results posted so cmon who knows what?

Omar Choudhury wins by Triangle Choke

David Kleczkowski wins by RNC



ttt others?

anxiously awaiting results also.

Monkey vs. Torres?????




Torres is awesome.  I really don't see anyone beating that guy at 135. 

Anymore results Irishlew?

Any more details on the Torres fight?

Didn't know Wineland and Torres trained together, I thought that would be a great fight.  Who is next for Torres.  He has got to head over to Japan to find competition

Jared McMahnn won, Aaron Kreke won (kind of), Joao Herdy won
The Torres fight was really good, the closest one I have seen him in a while. Richard Nancoo was really close to having an ankle lock on him. Miguel really bloodied him up though and ended it with strikes from the guard.

Any word if Joe Pearson won?

miguels gaurd or what explain?

I think the torres fight was stopped due to unanswered punches and the blood from Nancoo.
Joe Pearson and Antonio Carvalho did not fight.

joe pearson did fight and lost to john mahlow by armbar. it was pretty sick.

juan magan def brandon lee: KO
Dave Kleczkowski def Ivan Zeric: RNC
Art Gurrero def Marcus Keith: RNC (out cold)
Mark Allen def Calem Willis: TKO
Jared McMahan def Tough Tony (dont know last name): KO
Aaron Kreke def Adam Kelso: Tri-armbar
Mark Burch def Miodras Petkovich: TKO
Derek Keasley def Jon Friedland: Dec (unanimous)
Joao Herdy def Joe Voisin: Armbar
John Mahloe def Josh Perason: armbar
Miguel Torres def Nancoon: ref stoppage

How did Jeremy Bolt do?

bolts fight fell through