Ironheart Crown Results?

Is Mahloe a dude with a giant afro that fought at a previous IHC?

He shaved the fro, but that was him... Awesome skills on that guy.

mahlo is a monster. really strong for his size.

I was there and that Mark Allen kid absolutely dominated for the second straight fight. Watch him in the future.

Allen is very solid... looking forward to maore of him... And Jared McMahan

Allen also won the Golden Gloves last month.

It was a good stopage in the Torres fight. He was punching from the bottom, which is a weird way for a fight to end, but it was obvious the other guy didn't want to fight anymore. He just put his hands up and let Miguel throw a dozen punches.

Good stoppage... Nancoo's nose looked like there was a golf ball under his skin... He could not really do anything because of the discomfort and he was forced to put 100% of his effort into protecting his nose.

He covered up and Torres just fired away from the bottom.

Torres has already been invited to compete in Japan twice but turned both fights down for various reasons... mostly they aren't offering enough money. I think Miguel can hang with anyone in the world at his weight. He lost his first fight back after a two year break and knee surgery, but after shaking off the rust, we've looked all over the country to bring him the best competition and he has beat every opponent we've given him in very convincing fashion.

Torres has been dominant in his fights and that is why I thought a jump to Japan is necessary.  Ironheart has done a good job of bringing in good opponents but who else is left at 135 in the US?  

I would like a rematch with Miquel. It did go the distance.

Dan Swift

Team Jorge Gurgel

If Torres wants to come back with us in November, we might try to bring some Japanese in.