Ironic Revenge Story.

So, about a year ago I went in for the second massage of my life. I'd only had a relaxing massage at a resort me and the Mrs (no pics) were staying at. 


I had to book with a RMT, as to have this "massage" covered by my benefits. So I go in, tell the RMT that my neck and back are bothering me, and to focus on that. I'm expecting a nice relaxing hour facedown on the massage table... but no. 


She turns the table into a chair basically, and has me sit on it. She then proceeds to grab my arms and put me in 3 different stages of an armbar while telling me to relax and breathe through the absolute torture she's putting me through. Then she sits on a stool next to me, and gives me a deep tissue neck massage while staring me in the face. I can still smell her shit breath just thinking about it now. She was breathing right in my mouth, and it was uncomfortable as fuck. 


I decided to kinda call her out, and ask when the "massage" would begin, and she lectured me about how she's a Registered Massage Therapist, and not a masseuse who will just give me a "rub down." 


I'm still fucking confused as to what happened that day... I don't know if she didn't like me and just wanted to inflict pain on me. Or if that's how she "treats" all of her patients. Either way, it was fucking mind boggling and intense. Never went back to her. 


I just used up my remaining 4 sessions on my benefits with a great RMT at another local clinic. Super nice girl, very conversive, and great at what she does. Total opposite of my experience with the devil's RMT. 


Fast forward to today: The Mrs put our old guest room bed frame, mattress and boxspring up for sale on FB Buy and Sell, as we just got a new bedroom set for the guest room. 


Before going to deliver the old bed to the buyer, I have to remove the diesel tidy tank out of my truck. And it's covered in grease. So we lay some towels down in the bed of the truck hoping that will keep the bed and boxspring clean. 


We get to the address, and my woman calls the girl who wants the bed. She says very bitchily "I'm outside and don't see you. Where are you?" So while Mrs Queef is dealing with her on the phone I decide to look at the FB profile for this woman. Low and behold it's the psycho who tried to rip my arms off. 


Mrs Queef hangs up the phone, and I inform her of who we're selling this bed to. She just kind of laughs, and says "she won't remember you" 


So we drive 10 feet forwards so the psycho RMT can see my truck, and hop out. While we're unloading the mattress we all realize the boxspring is caked in the grease and dirt from the tidy tank. Mrs Queef apologizes and is obviously embarrassed. I'm kinda laughing on the inside, and mutter something about my box being dirty. They end up paying the full amount, while the "Therapist" is looking at me like she's trying to figure out how she knows me. 


We hop in the truck and leave. Mrs Queef lectures me about how we should have used more towels. And I just say "fuck her. I hope her bed smells like diesel and grease for the next year"


I hope she spent an hour cleaning that boxspring. That's an hour of her life she'll never get back. Just like the hour of my life that she fucking tortured me that I'll never get back, and paid for. 


Frat Version: 


Sold a dirty boxspring and mattress to a RMT that gave me the shittiest "massage" of my life, and treated me like shit. Don't feel bad about it.

Did your new RMT get frisky at all?


Yamie Jagerbomb -

Did your new RMT get frisky at all?


No happy endings in this story man.


She's a cute girl though. 5 feet tall, 110 lbs, 25 years old, and like I said... very nice and conversive, and good at her job. Complete opposite of the troll with piss breath, that likes to inflict pain on people while passing it off as "therapy."

It's supposed to hurt... but in a good way.

I think you may actually be Rosie.

CuddleBug - It's supposed to hurt... but in a good way.

Don't get me wrong man... I like a bit of pain, in a good way. And the new RMT delivered that amount of pain, in the good way. 


The psycho RMT seemed like an ex dominatrix that gets off on hurting men. Not to mention the intense eye contact that I tried to avoid while she dug her fucking claws into my neck, and exhaled  her cheeseburger and cigarette from her lunch break into my mouth.