IRS Audits target the poor

IRS Audits Poorest Families at Five Times the Rate for Everyone Else @TRACReports

New data show that low-income wage earners with less than $25,000 in total gross receipts are audited at a rate five times higher than for everyone else. :thread:

— Austin Kocher, PhD (@ackocher) March 8, 2022

In 2021, Americans with total positive income $200k to $1M were audited at the rate of 4.5 out of every 1,000.

Americans with less than $25,000 in total gross receipts were audited at a rate of 13.0 out of every 1,000.

Read the report here:

— TRAC Reports (@TRACReports) March 8, 2022

Probably because they use turbo tax instead of a real cpa. Or try to write stupid shit off and don’t know how


without reading, I cna give 1 big explanation of why low income people might be audited at higher rates

the Earned Income Credit - which is a REFUNDABLE tax credit. AKA “free money”

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Good, I despise poor people. Bunch of filthy, self-pitying, blood sucking parasites.

It should be illegal to be poor in America. If you can’t get your income above 25K by the time you’re 30 you should be deported to Venezuela.

If they return they should be fed to tigers for the amusement and edification of small children.

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Le Shat

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It’s numbers. More ppl make 25k or less so more are audited. 1 in 4 ppl claim 25k or less in america. The only reason someone claiming that income is being audited is for EIC shenanigans or some other mischievous “benefit” scam.

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just read it

the author does explain it is due to low income earners getting the Earned Income Credit and says it is unjust bc the EIC is an “anti poverty” measure

what she fails to explain is how the EIC is the most abused/fraud targeted tax credit out there…in fact it is the #1 most fraudulently filed for credit.

other than that, I agree that the IRS needs ends up bothering regular, normal tax payers by hiring all these low level employees and being understaffed

the EIC given to low income tax payers is “free money” funded by OTHER people’s tax $$

for example: Taxpayer A made $19K in 2021. they did not take any federal withholding or state withholding taxes out of his paychecks that year bc his income was low enough that he knew he wouldnt have a taxable income when filing.

his income is so low that there is no tax due to the IRS. they did not take any $$ out of his checks to begin with BUT he is still getting a few thousand $$ deposited into his bank from the EIC

Or they claim 21k in income, live in Section 8, collect food stamps and heating oil subsidies, but have a Mercedes registered in their name.


Because it’s easier to figure out if they’re full of shit versus going after some billionaire with multiple accountants combing tax laws to figure out loop holes and spreading their earnings over multiple offshore accounts.

You think IRS agents really want to work that hard? They’re just trying to get a paycheck by doing as little work as possible.

Last year, a cleaner at the dentist started talking about how she owed back taxes. She mentioned that the IRS is very easy to work with lol. She mentioned that she was able to setup a doable payment plan.

I guess that’s first time I’ve ever heard a good review about the IRS.

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What does “audit” mean here, though. I’ve had the IRS find a mistake on a return and indicate I was entitled to a refund. Technically that was an audit.

I suspect they are using the term to mean something more like an internal review of a filer’s return, rather than the TV/Hollywood version of an audit where they come to your house and demand receipts or whatever.

Not surprising as low income correlates with less sophistication and people not understanding how to fill out a return.

I have used TurboTax for 10+ years now and it’s never been a problem. Even when one year we had to guess at how much my wife made at her part time job because the employer went out of business and never issued a W2. I gave the best evidence I could find, and IRS was happy with it.

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So Passive Jay gets audited?