Is 10 weeks enough time?

Got 75 days until a charity police vs. firemen boxing match. I'm 245 now, need to be about 210 fight night. I have it to lose just don't know if this is too late. Any suggestions on how to get there quickly, if it's even possible.

Get a patrol route without a Dunkin Donuts.


Not to be negative, but unless you have horrendous eating and exercise habits right now, and are willing to change them just to make weight, not sure how you can drop that much. However, my wife's uncle lost around 20 lb the first 2 months on the Atkin's diet, plus 45 minutes on the treadmill every day.

I think you have time, I think 15lbs every 30 days is reasonable, but you must be on point and you can't stray from your plan. Good luck bro.

the dunkin donuts ain't the problem. the chubby pig here likes to drink him some beer. my one MMA fight I was at 214 and felt great and my cardio was dead on. However, the armbar at the 1:37 mark did'nt allow me to showcase the 33" waist and good cardio. I'm giving it a shot. Starting in the A.M. ahhhhhh, tonight it's you and me Mr.Guiness

One fairly easy way to do this is now replace all your drinks with water. That alone will cut tons of calories out of your diet. And you will feel better after a week or so. If needed, use a sports drink to replenish electrolytes.

parrishmma is very correct.I pretty much did that and went from a very soft 213 max to 178 in about four months. I am doing it again now. ;)

I have had to cut weight many times. But I really only cut 10lbs, max 15lbs for a fight. I have a real strict diet I use. I dont reccomend it for anyone, but it works for me cause I know what my calorie intake should be to lose the weight needed. The amount of food i survive on is rediculous when I really need to cut it fast. But im only 163lbs and need to cut to about 150lbs when i fight.

With a bigger guy, i couldnt reccomend what I eat. They would probably die...hahah

Yes, with the proper eating habits and absolutely no cheating, along with your boxing training.  Ten weeks is plenty of time.  But you must be dedicated and make no exceptions to your eating habits. 

6 - 8 meals a day.  In each meal, eat a fist worth of protein and a fist worth of carbs.  Drink a gallon of water every day.  This combined with road work and other boxing training will do it.  Guaranteed.

Good luck.  

PS - you're body doesn't know the difference between thirst and hunger, so if you get midnight snack cravings... it's 90% likely that your body is asking for water (dehydration, even if you don't feel it), rather than food.  So drink the water.