Is a draw considered a successful title defence?

The UFC has a stats page. For welterweight title fight wins Tyron is listed at 4. If a draw was a successful title defence he’d have 5…so it officially doesn’t count

Edit: I said defences first but that’s not the record, it’s title fight wins



It depends, if it creates a situation, which warrants a rematch no one wants, then yes.

100% technically yes

I guess it depends on what your definition of “defend” is. If defending the belt to you means protecting it, and not losing it, then she defended it. If it means winning/beating your opponent, then she didn’t defend it.

I will say that regardless of technicalities, it is impressive that Grasso has fought Valentina twice and has not lost.


For those with military backgrounds - if you defend a post/fort/base in war, none of your men die, and the enemy is successfully thwarted, is that considered successfully defending your territory?

That’s a wee bit different lol

Basically this.

She did “defend” her belt but it’s all semantics.

If you’re talking about legacies and shit, this doesn’t count for much other than not losing to Valentina twice which is something.


Yeah definitely. She has the right style to cause Valentina problems at the very least. I think Valentina put on one of her better performances Saturday and Grasso was still finding openings. With that kind of performance from Valentina, we normally see her finish girls.

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Was going to say cut the belt in half which reminded me, I am fairly certain that there were two belts in the ring. That staffer holding one and Shelby was also holding one?? Drawing a complete blank why there would be two belts?

Also Shelby let the cat out of the bag there, Buffer’s got to be careful who he tells the results to, the cameras see everything ! :smile:

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Because she did some weird rainbow shit to her belt so she could be cool and different so they had hers since it looked different and I’m sure she wanted that one if she won. Also needed a normal belt for Valentina.

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Thanks, I saw the one with the colors and couldn’t understand that either. Makes sense now what you say.


I remember seeing it here when she did it but forget what all the reasoning was about.

Probably some heritage cultural significance which is nice and all but it feels a bit WWEish. WWE is fine and all, but I know where to find it if I ever have an urge to see that and revisit my childhood days.

Pretty slippery slope when you have BMF belts and personalized belts. Not far away from Intercontinental titles and King of the Ring titles and maybe some tag team belts, and Fight Night champ or Xtreme Champ.

But anyway, get off my lawn.

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why is that idiot even telling people about the results ahead of reading the scorecards?

I mean ffs can’t he fucking wait 15 seconds ?



Personalized shorts, shirts, gloves, etc… all good in my book, and in fact, it’s encouraged. Personalized belts…. Ehhhhh, slippery slope, I don’t like it at all.

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Actually this would be cool if they did it but probably never will for branding reasons.

Be like boxing. Let fighters use some colours for their gloves.

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Yeah I agree. But Bryce Mitchell got his own shorts so that kind of shit isn’t completely out of the question for the UFC. As long as Venum can make it, just need to market yourself and keep being the squeaky wheel

To be the man, you gotta beat the man

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Noche was a successful defense