is a Samsung Refrig any good?

well it's been 10 years and time for a bigger frig as my family gotten bigger. it's a Magtag.

Now I went shopping for a new big frig and all i see that are good is Samsung. Now i never heard of Samsung as a frig. i know their TVs are good but how is the frig? will it last 10-20 years?

i don't know why Magtag doesn't make something nice like a samsung otherwise I wouldn't even question buying one.

Life of appliances now are only 8-10 years at best.

I used to work for a big appliance company lol

I prefer kenmore/LG but Samsung makes a good product Phone Post 3.0

Mines about 7 years old now, still going strong. Stainless Frenchdoor w/ Drawer bottom. I got a crazy deal on Samsung through my work.

From my experience they are crap, the stainless steel fridge is just plastic with a sticker on it that looks like stainless.
I bought a Westinghouse and that has real stainless.
It's gotta be real god damn it! Phone Post 3.0

Mine's real stainless, I know there are stainless look sub models for people on a budget.

Samsung is the best, what's better than a fridge you can play angry birds on? Phone Post

Musashi - I found dead pixels in mine. Took forever to get rid of the smell.
Lol vu.

My mom's had one for a few years, seems to work for her. Phone Post 3.0

from some reviews its 50/50 so hard to choose.

how about pacific sales frig??

They are ok. LG are ok too, they do stainless vcm finish on the fridges. It's a vinyl cover but means magnets work on it unlike actual stainless. Phone Post 3.0