$ is about to get a lot better

For any fighter in the UFC that has any sort of acting ability, Max Holloway just got a part in a movie with 50cent and it was offered to him by Dana, where reebok hurt their $ it could very well be the plan of WME to help their $ by putting them in movies, they have the ability as a company to do this on a wide scale and it's smart, IF they can act.

They just cut close to 100 fighters. I would hope so.

They need to get that roster down to about 300~ so lots of cuts gonna happen real soon and they just won't renew shit fighters anymore and just bring young cheaper talent to push/market.

The deal has been in place since last summer and youre making a big deal out of one fighter getting offered a role?  Weird

Jihad To Steal My Goat Huh - I smell a remake of Rush Hour staring Tyrone Woodley & Chan Sung in the works and it's brilliant.
Krazy horse IMO