Is Akiyama still at Greg Jackson's?

I know he was training there before the Bisping fight, but now that he's fighting Marquardt.. I'd assume not?

Good Question, I didnt think about this when it was announced.

Akiyama needs to do some altitude training. Honestly he should probably go to Big Bear and train there to get himself some cardio, it's really his main hamper.

 He should be at 170, maybe another loss will push him in that direction.

he needs to be at welterweight and needs to be at Jackson's for more than a few weeks stretch. Why some guys think that training like two weeks at a camp will really help is mind boggling. Go and immerse yourself there as long as possible, otherwise you are wasting time.

yes, I agree with the WW comment

what bout Gomi?
Is he still at AKA?

 He should leave Jackson's if he's still there because the Bisping fight was one of his worst performances. 

allcloser - No, Gomi is also back in Japan.

another mistake. Like I said, making a deal about going and training with a great US camp for 2 weeks isn't worth shit. They need to spend a considerable amount of time here or just stop wasting time.