is Alex Reid still Gay Cross-dresser?

just spotted him on the Bellator card, interesting homo:)

He's a nice guy. He ain't gay but he has had a dildo or two up his ass but in this day and age who hasn't?

Seriously though. Nice guy. Hope he wins. He has spoken openly in the past about steroid use as well. 

I remember when he was the heel of almost every fight at cage rage he had as he always ended up cheating (cage grabs and eye pokes, most likely unintentional). Funniest thing i ever saw was the entire tier we were on chanting "Matsui! Matsui!" When they fought lol. I think i even started the chant.

But looking back at it now it was unfair. He did SHITLOADS for uk mma by being on big brother and that fight with Tom Watson on BAMMA was the UK's version of Bonnar Griffin. It enabled the sport here. And i even remember him fighting before Cage Rage when i was cornering over 15 years ago.

He's been off a long time though. 

gregor o connor -

never was. nice homophobia

Yeah true. Who cares if he is (he isn't but who cares). The CME asked the same thing. It seems acceptable (thank God) for woman to be gay in MMA but how would fans react about a gay man? Probably loose thier shit because of the grappling aspect.

 In this day and age to care about such things is beyond stupid. Katie Price said some stupid shit about their personal life which i immaturity joked about. Like i said, who doesn't get up to weird shit with a freak when knocking boots? Bet half the UG would break the Internet if given half the chance...

I met Alex briefly a few years ago as my G/F knew him. He really seemed to be a nice guy.


Lisa's opinion was he needed a woman who was not interested in publicity and had a proper job.

Quite the opposite of what he seemed to end up with.


He was just an average MMA fighter who was afflicted with the sickness all reality stars have, a psychotic addiction to attention. His need for approval always made me feel a bit sorry for him. Phone Post 3.0