Is ammy mma more like

semi-pro football moreso than ammy contact sports?

1.You compete with same rules
2.You are subject to same injuries
but you just dont get paid.

Definitely not same rules bro.

And I'm pretty sure Ammy rules are different from state to state.

New Jersey you can't punch your mounted opponent in the face. I'm pretty sure you can do that as a pro!!

Most Ammys wear shin pads as well, Don't see to many people wearing those in pro fights either.

in VA, ammy is no different than pro. No shinpads, punch to the face on the ground, elbows allowed to the head.
personally I think elbows should not be allowed, but everyone feels differently.

^ummmm kinda right

i've fought in LA, MS, GA, and IA. First three were unified rules just like th pros. Iowa didnt allow elbows at all.

In Nebraska ammy rules are the same but 3 minute rounds instead of 5. I think the ABC is working on a set of unified amateur rules to be put into place next year.

MI used the same rules except 3 minute rounds.

amateur rules differ from state to state

so some places have extra protection, shorter rounds, and different rules.

and some of the states where inbreeding is more popular, amateurs get the pleasure of fighting under full pro rules for no pay. yay.

ive fought in mo,ky,and il...everyone was 3x3,no elbows at illinois there were no upkicks (fuckin gay since i was always on my back lol) and in the rule meeting before the fights everytime its been up for discussion whether or not to allow the leben footstomps against the cage...i think only once it wasnt allowed but i dont recall anybody doin it

Foot stomps are awesome


almost the same rules, except little or no medical testing for ammy and former Pro Boxers fight ammy

Kai Tremeche - MI used the same rules except 3 minute rounds.

no elbows though

 Same as pro rules here in Texas minus being able to throw elbows on the ground.

Rounds are 3 min long.

Ammy MMA In TX=Pretty much pro but without pay

NC- 3 x 3minute rounds Championship fights are 5 x 4 minute rounds. No elbows at all. Kicks and knees to head are illegal. glove size is suppose to be 6oz instead of 4oz but that is rarely enforced. everything else is the same.

 i've always wondered why ammy mma was one of the only sports out there allowed for the participants to have representation and agents...

um, semi-pro gets paid