Is Anderson Silva Related

Is Anderson Silva and Ausserio Silva related to eachother? I have heard in the past that they possibly were but just wanted to clear it up cause me and a few friends were wondering about that.

lol  @ Ozzy Osbourne is related to "Super Dave" Osbourne.

lol nah man I just read it on sherdog boards one time. They look nothing alike but are from the same town. I was just wondering smartasses.

he is the younger brother of ufc matchmaker Joe Silva


He's Wand's evil twin. Or is it the other way around?

Actually Super Dave Osborne is the brother of Albert Brooks. Both great comedians. Incidentally their real last name is Einstein.

Oh, and everyone is named Silva in Brazil and yes they are all related.

I think someone winged the wong, numba...

he is the nephew of Giant Silva

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