Is anyone else getting crazy ads and popups on OG?

Ya, I realize it is pretty common place here, but today has been really weird. A couple times I thought I had a virus taking over because of some of the weird shit popping up, and a couple of other times I have had these stupid audible ads playing while I have been trying to play videos in threads which contained a good video. I have looked for an ad to close and couldn't find it, so not sure of which tab I had opened that might be playing this hidden fucking ad, I begin closing tabs only to find the ad noise stops when I close the UG/OG tab.

Lots of weirdo shit happening on here today, and no, this is not my porn computer so don't blame the porn. The popup shit has been unlike anything I have seen before as well. Some high level virus shit happening on the OG for me...........anybody else?

It happened to Veegoh, too.

Get Adblock Plus

No, but I'm running Adblock Plus and

You would be wise to do the same--here or anywhere else.

I've been trying and this is what happens. First I get this screen asking me confirm this new extension and that it is okay to do what it needs to do in my system.......


Then I click 'yes' and it indicates for a few moments that it is checking.....then I get this disappointing error message. What's up? Am I not good enough for adblock plus?


I would also use NoScript to the list.

I use FF with Adblock and NoScript on my PC. The site is almost unreadable on my phone because of the scrolling bullshit ads so I had to DL FF with Adblock on my phone just to OG. No other sites give me issues.