Is anyone not a libtard watching westworld? Is it as bad a sit seems?

Is it just a woke fest this season? Does it suck in general?

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Its not woke this season. Its a lot better then season 3. Im back to watching it but only because there aint shit else to watch


Everything on TV went woke. That show is still on the air?

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I watched the first two episodes a couple of weeks ago. It’s several years after the revolution or whatever the hell happened at the end of season three.

It’s better than the previous season but that’s a really low fucking bar. The show and the story are practically unsalvageable at this point.


First season is good. Stop after that.


Shows with superpowers and androids are the perfect opportunity to have strong female characters. It’s make believe, not based in reality at all, but creates the avenue for such a macguffin to exist. You can slap any skin or hair on a killer robot and it’s going to be smarter and throw you around. It doesn’t actually have a gender. You can slap a 20x strength booster on some peanut spinner and she can throw you around. So these types of fantasy plots don’t bother me when the women are strong or powerful.

When they start deviating from the fantasy is when I call bullshit. The robot lady doesn’t care that men have built a world and it’s a woman’s turn now. Get that bullshit out of here. She’s a fucking robot. It’s machines vs people. Not women machines against human men.

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This season is a big improvement over last.
Just unfortunate they stayed with the 8 episode/season format, this storyline has potential and it’s already feeling like they rushed through it a bit too quickly.

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I’m buoying this season way more than 2 and 3

It’s no season 1 but I kind of like the direction it is going

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quit watching after they left the park

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I watched the first episode from this season and couldn’t find it in me to continue it was so bad.

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First season was great. Second season jumped on girl power train by having the males in the show have a collective IQ of 68.

Unless I hear S3 and now S4 are fucking amazing, I cant be bothered to even check it out again.

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