Is anything in US comparable to east Hastings?

Somebody mentioned it in thread and I had watched vids a few years ago. Reading comments on youtube yesterday , of course all us Americans were saying that ain't shit and it's an average major city slum . I don't know, that's some zombiepaclypse shit from the videos and pics and it seems like a long stretch. Read that the AIDS and hep numbers are off the charts.

So is there anything in San Fran, NYC or anywhere else that looks remotely like that for that size? What about where you live? Not talking gangs and ghetto, just this end of humanity stuff.

There are a couple blocks intown in my east coast portland that look banged up and zombie but it's more heroin and booze, not nuclear crack or whatever these Vancouver cats are taking. Near boston medical center in boston I saw some shit but the area itself doesn't look bad.

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