Is Australia Better Than US/UK/Canada?

They seem to have shit figured out (you just can't let them know it).

If it wasn't so fucking far from Europe/N.America

as long as you don't mind drop bears and rapey roos.

In what way? A lot of places are better than the US in some ways, but not necessarily as a whole. You really need to quantify what you're asking.

better weather. cooler chics.

I grew up in Canada, and lived in Australia. Both are pretty good. 

I'm currently giving Australia the edge because I'm sick of winter and Australia doesn't have a fucking pussy prime minister. 

472CKL - Australia is basically Western California but the Aussies look like they are from 15 years ago.

They're either 6mos-year ahead of the US when it comes to food trends and fashion...or 15 years behind.

amadeus - 

In what way? A lot of places are better than the US in some ways, but not necessarily as a whole. You really need to quantify what you're asking.

I'm basing it around quality of life. There's some hustle in Sydney and Melbourne, but it's not NYC/London level of overworking and stress. Bondai isn't that dissimilar to LA, but it's far less douchy, and seems to lack that social climbing do-you-know-who-I-am shit, and the California thing of where everyone acts like they're on a reality show, but there are no cameras.

Melbourne is kind of NYC/London/Toronto, but they aren't so serious.

It's a cool place to live and work.


I visit occasionally (only a short flight from NZ), and have two brothers living in Melbourne and a retired uncle in Perth.


It's not perfect - which country is? - but yeah, Australia's got a lot going for it.

Snakes and man eating crocodiles! Hell no!

Australia has dingos, abbos and lebbos running around eating babies.

Australia is great for the mostpart.

For such an amazing country they sure do like to leave in droves to the UK and then moan about how everything is better in australia

If I had to leave the US I'd probably go to Australia to live. Canada is too damn cold and Australia is the next most similar to us. And I love the sun.

Depends. In what ways?



The answer is yes though 

Australia is the greatest country on earth and by sheer dumb luck I just happened to have been born here.

Yanks are welcome anytime but you stinky, whiny fucking poms can go and get fucked. ( Your women are welcome though).

It's pretty good (Aussie) plenty other better places

But don't worry about the creatures, one death from spiders in 30 years and 53 from snakes in 20 years.

Best place on earth but Sydney is fucked cost of living/housing price wise, I got lucky and bought 10 years ago and my house value has tripled.

We are selling up house(getting out before the bubble bursts) and my business that I have and moving to the Gold coast to buy a house on the water and Im getting a job at fucking bunnings.

Oz for the most part stinks, shitty cars and car laws.

They offer nothing to the world in terms of entertainment and I couldn’t be happier they all live so far from everyone.