Is Baroni unstoppable in PRIDE?

The man has completely rejuvinated his career in the more violent and less lay and pray rules of the Pride Fighting Championships. Can anyone beat him without laying on top him and waiting the time to run out? Phil's destruction of Yuki Kondo was impressive and has seemed to silence all the haters.

Been hot as hell but dont forget he lost his second last fight and it took him quite a while to take out Minowa, who is hardly a dangerous striker, smaller and traded with Baroni all night.

Baroni showed heart vs Minowa but like RJ says, Baroni will have to crack the best guys in Pride, not just the best japanese guys in it.

While we're there, I think Gono matches up well with Baroni. He's a very technical counter striker. He may've been flattened by Hendo but Gono fought the distance with Acasio while Hendo cake walked thru Chonan.

No he will be stopped it depends who he fights

Yeah, he's stoppable.

The victory over Kondo is very impressive, but he was coming off a loss already and the victory over Minowa wasn't an impressive fight overall.

He will KO the entire field in the open-weight tournament!!!!

The rules suit him well..

the roids do him good.

He is a top fighter now at MW.

EY's rankings. MW is the hardest class to RANK IMO. Both UFC and Pride have good fighters.

1)Dan Henderson

2)Paolo Filho

3)Murilo Bustamante

4)Rich Franklin

5) David Loiseau

6)Phil Baroni

7)Kazushi Sakuraba

8)Ikuhisa Minowa

9)Yuki Kondo

10)Nathan Marquardt

Baroni IMO matches up very well with PRIDE's 185lb class. His hands and power are better than just about all of them. There are a few guys who could beat him on a given day but he is capable of stopping all of them including Dan Henderson.

lol @ EY's MW list

To bad your #5's gonna get beat at the next UFC yoshida.

I like how most people are now saying Kondo was stupid to trade with Baroni when the same people were saying Kondo would knock him out before the fight.

lol @ baroni beating Silva

Couldn't agree more with Krycek.

Another example of It's fine to lay and pray - as long as you have DSE in your corner..

Kondo was stupid to trade.

Kondo has better standup but way less power.

kondo should have started trading in the 2nd round.. and should have done some GNP in the 1st.

EVILYOSHIDA your list is ridiculous. You might want to re-edit it again

"lol @ EY's MW list "

so this list at mmaranks is a lot better?

1 Franklin, Rich (185)

2 Henderson, Dan (183)

3 Lindland, Matt James (184)

4 Loiseau, David (185)

5 Horn, Jeremy (185)

6 Marquardt, Nathan (181)

7 Bustamante, Murilo (183)

8 Tanner, Evan (186)

9 Leben, Chris (186)

10 Leite, Thales (185)

come up with your own list.

My list is pretty good considering that the MW division is so hard to rank.

"EVILYOSHIDA your list is ridiculous. You might want to re-edit it again "

It's not ridiculous.

Tell me why it's ridiculous?

MW is hard to rank.. but my rankings do make sense.

come up with a better list.

Why are people bringing up Silva when the guy does not even fight in Baroni's weight class in PRIDE? That 185 class is not that loaded really. Phil's toughest competition will be Bustamante (who he has all the tools to beat) and Henderson (who matches up better against him). Anderson Silva would have also matched up well with him had he stayed. Possibly Filho if he can hold him down for an entire fight like Minowa did the second time.

Fightsport's rankings:

1.) Dan Henderson USA

2.) Murilo Bustamante Brazil

3.) Kazushi Sakuraba Japan

4.) Rich Franklin USA

5.) Paulo Filho Brazil

6.) Yuki Kondo Japan

7.) Frank Shamrock USA

8.) Matt Lindland USA

9.) Anderson Silva Brazil

10.) David Loiseau Canada

Much better than MMARANKS.. but still not better than mine.

Sakuraba has mostly lost to guys who are fighting above the 185lb class. When he fights someone his size he still usually does very well. It is just rare for him to take on anyone his size. He has shown in his last two fights that he is still very much capable of competing against guys his own size and having good results. He should just fight in that weight class everytime. How much does he have left though? I would love to see him make another run by fighting in this weight class if he still has it in him.

these lists are ridiculous