Is Biden The Worst President of All Time?



(mdm: Oh, btw, comrade… maybe try to come across a little less bitter in those posts - will be better for our Club’s PR, ya know… these Trumptards prolly think you are triggered or something.)


That’s true. He’s handled everything perfectly. The guy is on par with Patton when it comes to leadership skills.

I am thinking more this guy. Better subsurface messaging.

(Can you please edit your post appropriately? Thx, comrade!)

Someone’s panicking.



(I told you before, bro - when you don’t know what a word means, shoot me a PM before posting. But ring my iphone, so I know. I am watching the CNN Don Lemon Thanksgiving Special at the moment! Thx!)

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So what we’re saying is that EVERYTHING is going exactly to plan, right? Perfection!

Falling UP !!!

(hehehe! lovin’ it!)

Club Left In 'da House!

I would like to correct this post.

As mdm said, Club Left does NOT have cable. Cable news sucks, in fact.

To be clear, I am READING Jacobin’s “Indigenous Day Recitation of White Injustice in the Americas since 1619” to reflect on our history of oppression on this day of white privilege celebration.

Forget what I wrote in that post above!

Yes. When I talk about the last time gas prices specifically were high, I am really saying that everything is great.

That’s a logical conclusion.

Great insight, as per usual.

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Well, except for your defending pedophilia thread thingy. Wanna be clear about that part. Am not on the same page there with you! But pretty much on all other stuff!

“Everyone I disagree with is a Pedo!”

-Dickbag losers everywhere


Brooooooo… you are getting all wound up about nothing, if that barb is at ME?.

Don’t get all jumpy on me. I am WITH YOU!

  1. I was very clear here. I said I AGREE with VH about everything, EXCEPT his stuff on that pedo thread. I carved THAT out. So it is kinda just the opposite of what you said! I CAN AGREE with a pedo supporter on stuff! And I can agree with Biden, too, even if he IS creepy. So chill!

  2. Now, on the reelz… VH is NOT a guy we want in the Club, at least formally. I think you missed his thread thingy ON pedo… check it out!


But now I am confused about how to handle the Trump pee thing and dossier.

I thought we had always thrown that stuff around because we disagree with him and it helps us ‘soil’ his whole political thing.

We should keep pretending THAT is real, right?

I mean, I know we hate people making stuff up about Biden - those fcking “Dickbag losers”!

But WE can keep making stuff up about Trump, right? Cuz THAT is fun!!! Luv it! And we are NOT dickbags! Or losers!

And ‘reliable news sources’ even still put it out there!


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Re-read my post.

Happy Thanksgiving Tahiti.

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Bidens’ handlers disastrous failures are bringing America together. Even clueless liberals around Thanksgiving tables across America do not support him. Families are coming together, united under a feeling that Biden must go.

Trump’s left nut was a better president than biden will ever be. Biden is the worst.

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Sure, if people just wanna ignore the southern border, leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan and record inflation.

There’s a lot of truth to this.

biden’s approval rating among independents is less than 30%.

Of course, there will be a core group of liberals/progressives/communists that support him no matter how much damage he does.

Labor force participation
Supply chains
Yeah it’s just the gas prices.