Is Biden The Worst President of All Time?

I’ve been using Old Sold Joe for awhile. Feel free to borrow.


AKA Cletuses.



What I do is read from many reputable sources from around the world, and hold off on sharing my opinion until I understand a subject.

Which is why I never opined about Rittenhouse outside of correcting people who claimed someone threw a molotov at him.

What the OG’s fathead MAGAtards like you do is repeat lies that make them feel good so they can create the reality they need to feel safe, never care about the reliability of their source as long as its what they want to hear, and scream their uneducated and uninformed opinions from every platform without ever doing any homework. Then use any pushback as evidence they’re on to something.

That’s why you all believe in so many dumb fantasies about election fraud, COVID and Soros. Grifters tell you whatever gets them the most attention, and you reliably come to gobble it up and spread the bullshit around.

That’s Breitbart’s entire business model. And why so many here post their links like they’re real news and not propaganda.

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Fucking xenophobic administration


Who would’ve thought that an upstanding citizen such as jo ho biden would be a race baiter and an actual racist


If this was true you would have ZERO posts on the OG.

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Biden’s agenda.

Coming from the guy who never stops typing long enough to read anything. That’s rich.

THIS piece of information, out of ALL the misinformation about the Rittenhouse case, is what triggered you to the point of having to ‘correct’… THANKS!

What an absolute tool you are - regardless of all your “reliable news sources” (NONE of which you have been willing to name!)…

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Type something worth reading, and I will!



Which is why we value YOUR contributions! You are one of the few!

I asked them a simple question; how are they doing right now under Biden. They said, fantastic.

And then did you recite all of the policies that your guy has enacted to make their lives so good? Can you pls write that list here for us? (Consider it yet another contribution!) Thx!

I’m concerned about the value of my home and still don’t want illegal bullshit that’s a net drag on society

Anyone following his career would have already known

Nice. Lol.