Is Biden The Worst President of All Time?

Consider yourself lucky, where I am in Canada, we are currently $2.12/litre, which is approximately $8.50/US Gallon, and supposed to sky rocket again shortly.

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Just who in the HELL are the 20% that apparently believe we are on the right track?! Lol


Exactly a good portion of this population needs to be put down

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The initial vaccine mandate was started in July, 2021 for federal employees.

Btw, when Trump was given Monoclonal antibodies therapy, it was only available as Emergency use Authorization only. One can make the argument that it was not a working therapy at the time.

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Is it a point of personal pride that you equivocate about the nuance of people’s therapeutic and medical choices or is it merely political?


Biden is the GOAT!


Biden is WOAT

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MA is not a vaccine.

That’s a horrible transition

Russian war too … Apparently we are at war With them so Biden admin is cancelling more domestic oil leases… $5/gal gas is only the start

If he believes the jacked gas prices are a direct result of that dirty rat Putin, and everyone is suffering from it, then why hasn’t he done anything to ease that pain?

So maybe he doesn’t have the power to change gas prices, but doesn’t he have the power to allow more drilling in US lands that would help?

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You obviously don’t know how oil and gas works and what determines gas prices. Drilling will not lower gas prices. Biden has already released tons from our strategic reserve and that has had a negligible effect on gas prices.


So why hasn’t he done anything about it?

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Because nothing he does will lower gas prices. The President has no power to lower gas prices. Crude oil is publicly traded. The price of gas is determined by the price of oil per barrel. Right now, Brent Crude is $108.3 dollars per barrel. Just a few years ago, it was only $15 dollars per barrel.

Oil went negative while trump was in office. Today, record gas prices. Lol

Nonsense. I know you are trolling. The President has no control over the stock market and the President has no control over gas prices.

Can you tell me one thing Trump did in regards to gas prices?

Btw, gas prices in the UK is almost twice what we pay.