Is Biden The Worst President of All Time?

This from the side that has not accepted a close loss in any race since 2000 without crying it was stolen.

Trump lost. So did Hillary without Russia, Abrams lost in GA , Gore lost in 2000.

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Hilary lost and accepted it, Abrams lost in GA to the guy who was counting the votes and accepted it. Gore lost by only 400 votes in a state in which is opponents brother was in charge. An election that the networks already called him the winner. An election that had the infamous “butterfly” ballot that people voted for him, but their votes went to Pat Buchanan, yet Gore accepted it.

Trump apparently accept that he lost privately, but he refuses to accept it publicly. Using it to steal money from his stupid and gullible supporters, with the money lining his own pockets.

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LOL…no she didnt.

She called Trump and offered her congratulations the next day, she even attended his swearing in.

I know that the networks and the sources you guys get your information from, are always feeding you disinformation, but this is what happened, the reality.


he is easily the worst but its almost not fair because mentally, he is vacated. He literally uses cards from his handlers for literally every word and action . He is a puppet of the woke.

Hillary will run in 2024

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But…that was true.

And it didn’t prevent her from conceding the election immediately, nor did she tell Americans that Trump didn’t really get the most votes.

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And she was correct. She was only repeating what the FBI and our Intelligence Agencies knew to be true and what they told her. In spite of that, she still call Trump the next day and congratulated him. She called him Mr. President and told him that he is now her President. She then attended his swearing in. Very gracious and magnanimous in defeat.

She didn’t accept anything. She cried Russia Russia Russia! Same thing your boy is doing now

You’re obviously not a serious person. You probably believe in the Jewish space lazars, and the pizza parlor that Obama, Hilary and Bill Clinton and the Democrats are using to run a pedophile operation. And you probably also believe that 20 children between the six and seven years old who died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, were actors and didn’t really die in the shooting. That they are all grown up and some even have kids of their own.

No one can put one past you.

What are you babbling about? You asked me if I thought the election was fixed . I said 1,000% now this other shit your talking about is retarted like you. There is clear cut evidence the election was fixed. Everything from Ballot harvesting, dead people voting and the mathematical probability of all those votes coming in late night ( impossible) btw all democratic votes. Any person with an IQ over freezing knows the election was rigged

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Clear cut evidence, except even the grifters who put this idea in your head admitted behind closed doors they didn’t have any.

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No one can put anything past you.

This had to be Belivets 2nd screen name

100 % bull shit !

So you still haven’t accepted those without excuses thanks for proving my point.

You can make all the excuses why you lost all you want, as long as you acknowledge and accept that you lost and congratulate the winner. Hilary congratulated Trump the very next day even though more Americans voted for her than for Trump. Hilary also call Trump “Mr. President,” and told him that he is her President. Very humble and gracious.

Ill take “things that never happened” for $800, alex

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